Recap for the Goldylocks Productions’ Shows for the Week of 20 February to 26 February 2022.

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman’s Show ~ Spiritual Insight
Special Co-Host: Rev. Lea Chapin
Special Guest: David Miller

Monday Morning Mary Magdalene’s Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment with Rev. Lea Chapin.
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Last Monday’s (21 Feb.) Channeled Message:

Sarah Ingraffia’s Show ~ Golden Sunshine Healing Hour

The Spiritual View ~ Live Streamed Exclusively for our VIP Patreon Patrons and YouTube Community! Join our Circle of VIPs through Patreon or YouTube. Pick one to Join for they have the same perks.

Robyn McGuire’s Show ~ Robyn’s Cosmic Soul Food

Ruth Soltman’s Show ~ The Transformational Soul

Carolan Carey’s Show ~ In the Psychic Flow
Special Guest: Laura Romeiro

Melissa Parks’ Show ~ Joyful Findings

Spiritual Message Circle

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Recap of the Goldylocks Productions’ Shows for the Week of 13 February to 19 February 2022.

Robyn McGuire’s Show ~ Robyn’s Cosmic Soul Food

Ruth Soltman’s Show ~ The Transformational Soul
Words of Wisdom Special Guest: Kim Smith

Carolan Carey’s Show ~ In the Psychic Flow

Melissa Parks’ Show ~ Joyful Findings

Thank you to all of our Viewers, Listeners, VIPs and Sponsors!

We appreciate each of you!

Tonight at 8 pm ET, Sarah Ingraffia is the Special Guest on the Joyful Findings Show with Melissa Parks.

Goldylocks Productions presents Joyful Findings with Melissa Parks.

Tonight, Friday, 21 January 2022 at 8 pm ET.

Melissa Parks is an Earth Angel, a talented Psychic Trance Medium, Angelic Guided Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Teacher. As a child she was able to see and communicate with the Spirit World but was shut down and told to ignore her gifts. Most of her life was filled with hurt, anger and pain. It wasn’t until a “voice” told her she must forgive her childhood abuser that her heart had truly opened and her Spiritual Journey began.

Once she embraced her True Self and her connection to God’s Divine Beings, she understood her life’s plan. She now spreads Love and Light, giving Guidance and Healing to all who seek it. Whether in a reading or healing session she opens to Past Loved Ones, Angels, Guides and many Multi-Dimension Healers to bring forth powerful messages of Guidance and Healing.

Melissa’s Shop:

Melissa’s Venmo: @Melissa-Parks-37

Special Guest: Sarah Ingraffia

Sarah is a spiritual intuitive, Usui Reiki II Practitioner, Oracle Card Reader and a gender reveal reader. Along with being a Reiki II Practitioner, her products are all made with love and infused with Reiki healing. It is her passion and it makes her happy to help people. Sarah strives to provide goods and services for your highest and greatest good.

Sarah loves being in nature and feels very connected spiritually with mother earth. She has always had compassion and love for animals. As the years went by Sarah always looked for natural products and lip balms that hydrated her lips but she had a hard time finding a product that worked. Sarah felt guided to create Golden Sunshine Healing.
She is committed to creating an all natural product line for humans as well as pets. Sarah’s son inspires her to create chemical free items so that he can grow up using natural products.

Sarah’s Venmo: @Goldensunshinehealing24

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Today at 4 pm ET, Skye Samuel is the Special Guest on the Secrets of the Universe Show with Sherri ‘Sage’ Zimmerman. Watch and Participate in this Insightful Live Streamed Show!

Goldylocks Productions presents Secrets of the Universe Show with Sage.

Today, 19 November 2020 at 4 pm ET.

Sherri L. Zimmerman aka “Sage” is the Author of Success After Insanity: Healing Hearts of the Mentally ill (Autobio) & Mental Illness and the Psychic Connection. Sherri also teaches the Art & Science of Tarot & Astrology (over 20 years). She is the creator of Metaphysical board games for the current and future generations.

Most of Sherri’s life has been spent in and out of mental hospitals/facilities for a good part of 30 years. In that time, she learned most about how those who struggle with so-called ‘mental illness’ are actually very in tuned with the world of Spirit, gifted with psychic abilities. She helps many navigate between the worlds of both the physical and the spiritual planes of existence, and how to navigate the mental health system that bounds many to an old system designed to keep people sick, in never-ending madness.

Sherri’s main message NOW is to move beyond the limitations of thought through imagining peace.

Special Guest: Skye Samuel

Skye was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. She is a 4th Generation Intuitive psychic reader and Medium.

She has had a natural ability since a small child to see, feel and hear vibrational energy. Working with this over many years, she uses these gifts to channel information from the spirit realms to give messages from loved ones messages and to interpret card readings.

Skye has been working as a Psychic professionally for over 30 years. As an Intuitive and clairvoyant reader, she opens the cards and gently guides people on their path. Supporting clients through their lives ups and downs, she helps them to manifest their souls highest purpose. She specializes in direct question answering for all matters of love, health, money, and life.

Skye also works with Vibrational Healing & Reiki, attuned to Master Level in 1999. She owned a Metaphysical Shop in Tampa, Florida for 12 years; providing readings and teaching many aspects of metaphysics, tarot, and healing.

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VIP Show for our Patrons Jan2020


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VIP Show for our Patrons Jan2020

Today at 11 am ET, Noreen Bill is the Special Guest on the ‘Angels and Healing Light Show’ with Laura Romeiro.

Laura Romeiro Show Banner

Goldylocks Productions presents the Angels and Healing Light Show with Laura Romeiro.

Today, Tuesday, 17 December 2019 at 11 am ET.



Laura Headshot


Laura Romeiro opens to the Angelic Realm to provide answers, guidance and healing about the things that affect us all: love, relationships, life purpose, career, health, and the best path to a happier life. After a personal encounter with Archangel Michael, Laura was drawn to learn as much as she could about Angels, and began to help others by connecting with their Angels to help get guidance and healing with channeled and intuitive messages.

Laura is also a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Medical Reiki Master-Teacher, Bioenergy Healer, and Animal Communicator. She is an accredited member of the ASSMPI, the America Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.



Noreen Bill


Special Guest: Noreen Bill

Growing up spiritually, Noreen has always bridged the gap existing in the body mind spirit connection. As a psychic medium Noreen understands the healing value of helping people to release past hurts and answer those unanswered questions through her readings. Ethically honoring her intuitive gifts Noreen reads from the heart to help people with their spiritual path and assist in soul growth.




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