Recap of the Goldylocks Productions’ Shows from the past Week. (15 November to 20 November)

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman’s Show ~ Spiritual Insight

Rev. Lea Chapin’s Show ~ Inspiration from Spirit
Special Guest: Karen Kaplan

The Spiritual View ~ Exclusive Weekly Show only for our VIPs Join Now:

Laura Romeiro’s Show ~ Angels and Healing Light
Special Guest: Ruth Soltman

Pam Silver Eagle’s Show ~ Enlightening Conversations Special Guest: Ethan Sisser

Jimmy Mack’s Show ~ The Jimmy Mack Healing Show
Special Guest: Michael Sue Scott

Melissa Parks’ Show ~ Joyful Findings

Stacey Ericson’s Show ~ Stacey and Company

Sherri ‘Sage’ Zimmerman’s Show ~ Secrets of the Universe
Special Guest: Skye Samuel

Carolan Carey’s Show ~ In the Psychic Flow
Special Guests: Kelly Jo Monaghan and Jason Zuk

Christopher Vane’s Show ~ Live from Little Bear Sanctuary
Special Guest: Torre Washington

Thank you to all of our Viewers and Listeners! We appreciate you All!

11:11 Healing and Manifesting Event. Sign Up NOW for this Powerful Energy Portal!

We are moving into the final months of this transformational year and are going to be experiencing more powerful flows of energy. 

The 21st December this year is the ‘target’ for all of the work that has occurred on an energetic level and will provide a completely new source of Light for our Ascension/Transformation process.

I love this analogy: Imagine that you are moving into a new home…the old one is still inhabited but you are moving your possessions into your new place. On the 21st December you can turn on the appliances that the electricians have been busy installing.

The 11th of November is a master number date and 11-11 signifies higher manifestation. The idea of this special healing and manifesting event is to apply our intention as a powerful group to manifest what we wish to see in our new reality for ourselves and for others.

We are the Walking Masters, Earth Guardians and Ascension Pioneers of the New World and the energy that we are laying out will be the foundations of the future. 

Event Presenters: Rev. Lea Chapin, Laura Romeiro, Pam Silver Eagle, Melissa Parks and Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman.

Of course, we will be joined by a powerful team of Angels, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Council of Light, Unicorns and Dragons who are eager to assist us as we all get the job done.  

Wednesday, 11 November 2020 ~ 8 pm to 9:30 pm ET

The cost for this event is $22

Sign up:

After Signing Up, you will be provided with the Private Link to Watch and Participate in the Live Event. That link will also be the link to view the Replay as well. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event so don’t worry if you miss it.

Tonight at 8 pm ET, the virtual Spiritual Message Circle! The cost dropped, so be sure to Sign Up NOW so that you can Participate in tonight’s circle!

Receive Messages, Guidance and Healing with a Panel of Goldylocks Productions’ Spiritual Professionals in this Live Virtual Event. 

A total of 5 Goldylocks Productions’ Spiritual Professionals will be present at each Circle.

This Circle is Live Streamed to the Public. However, you must Sign Up if you would like to receive your personal message. You will come on Live, in the Studio with the Readers/Counselors. If you want your privacy and prefer not to be on with video, you can come on with just your audio. 

Requests for Messages from the Viewers’ comments will not be addressed. You must Sign Up to participate.

After you Sign Up, you will receive an email with further instructions.

15 minute Time Slots ~ PRICE Dropped! Sign UP NOW!

Watch this Live Streamed Message Circle here:

Today at 11 am, Global Healing Session 3. Join in with your Healing Intentions.

Global Healing

This is a reminder that the Global Healing Session 3 (of 4)  starts 11:00 am ET.

Today, Thursday, 16 April 2020

We look forward to having you join in with your healing intentions, along with other Earth Angels, Light-Workers and Heart Healers. Our healing energy  is desperately needed.
Listen online, or call in to listen.

or Call in: 206-806-9965


If the Call in Number above doesn’t seem to work, there are 3 options to connect: 

  1. NEW Option: Text CALL ME to the Call in Number, 206.806.9965, we will call you. When you answer you’ll automatically be placed onto the show switchboard.


  1. Call this back up Call in Number: 425.535.9149, when prompted, enter 206.806.9965 followed by # (the pound or hash tag sign.)


  1. Download the FCC (Free Conference Call) App. The app automatically re-routes the best Call In number for you.


Many Blessings,

~ Laura Romeiro,  Psychic Angel Intuitive
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Goldylocks Productions begins Season 5



Goldylocks Productions ~ 4th Anniversary and the start of Season 5

September 1st begins the New Season of Goldylocks Productions Podcasts, Radio and TV Shows.

Thank you to our Listeners, Viewers and Supporters! We appreciate you.

Now… on with Season 5!


~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

Goldylocks Productions Owner and Producer




Season 5


Tonight at 8 pm ET, via BeLiveTV on Facebook, Pamela Bright is the Special Guest on A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls.

Pamela Bright 16May2018 Show Banner


Goldylocks Productions Presents A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls. Tonight, Wednesday, 16 May 2018 at 8 pm ET.

Rev. Bryan Rawls is a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Fairyologist & Realm Reader, Light Language Channel & Universal Channel, Certified Angelic Communicator/Facilitator, Light Code & Star Ki Code Activator, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Esoteric Energetic Acupuncturist, Certified Sacred Activation’s Mastering Me Practitioner and a Practitioner of “Gypsy Magick” and “The Old Ways.”

Bryan has worked as a Psychic Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through which he has undergone a battery of tests. Bryan can channel numerous energies to help you with your questions.

Website Banner Bryan


Special Guest: Pamela Bright

Pam is a highly developed lightworker who is committed to bringing light and love to this planet and sharing it with the world. As a channel for source, she uses many different tools to awaken humanity to who they are as sparks of the Divine and supports them in The Human Experience of being spirit in form.
Pam’s remarkable ability as a healer assists people in making choices that support their overall wellness and commitment to awakening. She is a veteran massage therapist using a holistic approach with her clients that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. She creates an atmosphere of deep rest and peace where her clients can rejuvenate their bodies, minds and souls.
Early in her career, Pam’s natural healing ability showed up as Reiki mastery and sound healing were added to her tool kit. Pam enjoys her work as an energy coach because she can assist others in navigating the human journey by being a beacon for new choices, by reducing stressors that cause illness and disease, and by helping each person make the journey of awakening a joyful experience.
As a light language channel she is a way-shower for grounding the full embodiment of spirit in form which opens the channels for each system in the human body to function properly.
Pam’s mission in this lifetime is to fully embrace and use all of her spiritual gifts from her many lifetimes on Earth and teach others to fully open to their birthright as humans in spirit form.


Watch and Participate (via Comments) during the Live TV Show via BeLiveTV on Facebook:

NO CALL IN TONIGHT! WATCH the Live Show online (link above) and COMMENT in the comment section. 



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