Harnessing Dragon Power

Chinese Dragon


Recently I was reading an article from science news around the world and they mentioned that “dragon blood” could possible help to save your life! Naturally my curiosity was aroused since dragons are something of magic and mystery and I love dragons! I have a strong dragon guide that helps me daily.

The report mentioned that the blood of the Komodo dragon, native to Indonesia, could actually be a lifesaver, and crucial to fighting infection. Scientists have used the blood to develop a compound that helps wounds to heal much faster as well as killing certain types of bacteria that are frequently found in infections. Since the Komodo dragon is an endangered species, scientists turned to a zoo animal and were able to get a few tablespoons of blood from his tail without any harm to the dragon. Be on the lookout sometime in the future for something called Dragon 1!

Komodo Dragon

But don’t go looking for the Komodo dragon alone for these dragons live in the wild and can grow to ten feet in length. Their bites are venomous and they have sharp serrated teeth in their bacterial laden mouths. In Spiritual Feng Shui we know the power of the mighty dragon and now the medical world has also discovered another one of it’s magical abilities!

In Spiritual Feng Shui, dragons bring success and prosperity. They are most potent when placed near water, like your water fountain, aquarium or swimming pool. How many dragons are recommended? You can use one, two, five, six or nine dragons as these are numbers that activate dragon magic.

Remember not to place your dragons near the fireplace, in your kitchen, inside your bedroom or directly on the floor. Also, don’t keep them imprisoned in a glass display case for they must be free to exert their power, be free and fly away!

Dragon Water Fountain

Healthy Home, Healthy You

Here is my article that I read on my last show. If you missed my last show, here is the link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/goldylocksproductions/2016/02/10/spiritual-insight Enjoy ~ Rev.Tiffany White Sage Woman


Healthy Home, Healthy You

Ever since I can remember, even as a young child, I enjoyed cleaning. It was important for me to have the room I was cleaning feel good. Every morning I would get up and make my bed and put my 30 plus stuffed animals on my bed. Each stuffed animal had a specific spot on the bed, and I could tell if anyone moved one. It was important to me to at least keep my room, my sacred space clean, physically and energetically.

It wasn’t until the 90’s where I read about feng shui and really resonated with it. This works hand in hand with healing the whole person…. Wholistic….mind, body and soul. Not just the whole person, but the whole being, including every being. Feng shui is all about living in harmony with Nature and the elements.

Currently I work from home and love it. I can take care of the hearth, the sacred hearth. I believe that someone in a household, whether it is a woman or man be in charge of or take the lead with the healing energies of the sacred space we call home. Even if you are single or a single parent, you can still achieve this. Our homes need to be cleansed and healthy as it is where our bodies reside. Who is the Healer in your home? Is there more than one Healer in your home?

We instinctively know when our space needs help. Spring is not the only season or time of de-cluttering, repainting, and cleaning, inside and out. I feel the urge to de-clutter and deep clean every three months. Notice how much better you feel afterwards, energetically. Physically, you may be tired from all the work. But doesn’t the air feel lighter? That is because you stirred up the chi or life force of the house by de-cluttering and cleaning. Any energy that was blocked or stuck can now move freely around the whole home.

My husband thinks that I am a control freak when it comes to cleaning. I prefer to do it to make sure it is done properly. Does sound controlling, doesn’t it? Actually, I am more of a command freak. When I clean, I command/send out healing, deep into the earth, high into the sky, and out in all directions. So, yes, I am careful and cautious in how the home is cleaned and who cleans it.

I couldn’t have housekeepers or outside cleaning agencies come into my home to clean. Sure, the house may be clean, but the energy will not be comfortable. Whatever mood the person or people are in when they clean…will energetically be left here…even when they are long gone. I have been in homes that are spotless, have fine furnishings and should be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Yet the energy is either cold or uncomfortable and uninviting making you want to run out the door and leave.

 A healthy home helps the body to be healthy too. It is all part of healing. You can have a healthy person move into an unhealthy home and surrounding property and without cleansing of the house and land, eventually the healthy person will be sick too. This is also the case in work spaces. Especially if you are there at work, a lot.

 Listen to some of the comments made by those we sense that something is wrong or ‘off’… “I swear this house (or work space/building) is making me sick; My house may be haunted…that has to be the reason I am suddenly ill.”

 About 90% of the homes that claim to be haunted are simply responses to the energies that reside there. And due to the fact that everyone has Angels, Guides, Loved Ones and Nature that try to communicate with us….all of our homes then could be considered haunted. I prefer that we all are Blessed instead. Just as meditation is healing for our bodies, feng shui and space cleansing is healing for our dwellings, the land and even our community.

 We live in a society where there is so much blame going on. We all must take responsibility and ownership for our thoughts, our actions, our reactions and responses, and responsibility in our Healing. As we Heal within ourselves…we Heal without (outside of) ourselves. Since we are all connected…that means Healing on a global and Universal scale. Now that is one powerful Community Clean Up!


Below is the Energy Flow Cycle utilized in Feng Shui.

The Productive or Nourishing Cycle: WATER nurtures WOOD feeds FIRE makes EARTH creates METAL holds WATER.

The Exhaustive or Overcoming Cycle: WOOD consumes EARTH dams WATER extinguishes FIRE melts METAL cuts WOOD.

Note: Using the 4 directions and 5 elements… Earth is located in the center of the home/office. So, the flow would be North (Water), East (Wood), South (Fire), Center (Earth) and West (Metal)

Element Cycles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Tip: Shape of your Property

Feng Shui Land Shape







According to Feng Shui principles, the shape of the land you live is very important. Regular shaped land plots like square and rectangles are the best, as all other shapes create “missing corners” of luck. Triangle-shaped land in particular is most inauspicious as the triangle represents the element of fire! No one wants a property located on strong fire energy that may burn up your luck! When considering the purchase of any property don’t just look at the house itself, but also consider the shape of the plot of land.

If your plot of land has missing segments, don’t despair. You can fix these segments and bring fortune to your life using:
* Flowers planted on the property in colors that correspond with the missing segment
* Lights that shine to “complete” that area of the property
* Trees
* Water elements such as a fountain or pond

Need help with land selection for a new home or business? During a Feng Shui consultation for land selection, I will consider all the Feng Shui factors of a property to help you find a place where your home or business will thrive for years to come.

~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman