Tonight at 8 pm ET, Leana is the Special Guest on Spiritual Insight with Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman.

Goldylocks Productions presents Spiritual Insight with Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman.

Tonight, Sunday 2 May 2021 at 8 pm ET.

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman is a Cosmic Heart Healing Practitioner, Level 6 Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Run Valdr Healing Practitioner, Multi Dimensional Healer, Divine & Celestial Channel, Spiritual Awakener, Holistic Health Practitioner and ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister. She attended the Soul Body Fusion ® and Divinity School and incorporates the Soul Body Fusion ® process in her Healing Sessions. Her full Bio is on her website.

She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Live Streamed Shows, Podcasts, and Events for those in the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Professions.

Special Guest: Leana

Leana has been extremely blissed to communicate with the Higher Realms and her Divine Essence since she was a child.  She came in with an incredible knowledge base of Mechanics and Electronics and became an Engineer/Scientist focusing on the study of frequencies for space application.  Little did she know then that this was preparing her with exceptional information and truths that have been kept hidden from us.  This path would awaken her remembrance of Quantum Understanding enabling unbelievable insight to the higher realms. 

​Having Extremely Clear channels of communication with these Divine Realm, The Ascended Masters and Angels, Leana is continually being exposed to Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, Truths and Healing Techniques that have been hidden from the general population.  

​For over 30 years she has taught many modalities and introduced The Structure & Word of Divinity to all those SEARCHING for REAL Truth, REAL Power and REAL Freedom.  She have assisted in changing the lives of hundreds of thousands and still counting, to tap into their Higher Vibratory States of Consciousness. 

She has finally completed and Mastered the first journey of her life and is Now fulfilling her Divine Purpose to Awaken The Way Showers and assist with the Victory of Cause to Freedom.  She is Dedicated in assisting all those who truly seek their Higher Levels of Consciousness enabling them to step into their True Divine Power, Live their Divine Passion and Obtain once and for all, True FREEDOM in all aspects of Life!

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