Tonight at 8 pm ET, Sheila Scott is the Special Guest on the Higher Realms Show with Rev. Jeremy Riden. Watch and Participate in this Motivational Live Streamed Show!

Goldylocks Productions presents the Higher Realms Show with Rev. Jeremy Riden.

Tonight, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 8 pm ET.

Soul Coach, Rev. Jeremy Riden, is a Motivational Medium helping people to Heal deeply and live life fully. Channeling, from the Higher Realms, intuitive insights and inspirational messages to clients all over the world. Jeremy teaches people how to create their best life by partnering with spirit. He is an Award winning Author, Business and Life Astrologer and Advisor.

Special Guest: Sheila Scott

Sheila is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and is registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She has advanced hypnotherapy training in the Simpson Protocol, Ultra-Height® Spiritual Hypnosis, Pain Management, Hypnosis For Childbirth, Advanced Medical Surgical Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation, and Past Life Regression. Sheila has been providing hypnosis services for 16 years. She is also a licensed spiritualist minister in the province of Ontario.

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, Jacob Cooper is the Special Guest on A Magickal Journey Radio Show with host Rev. Bryan Rawls.

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Goldylocks Productions Presents A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls. Tonight, Wednesday, 3 May 2017 at 8 pm ET.

Rev. Bryan Rawls has worked as an Intuitive Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through which he has undergone a battery of tests. Bryan can channel numerous energies to help you with your questions.

Bryan is a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Fairyologist & Realm Reader, Light Language Channel, Extraterrestrial Channel, Universal Channel, Certified Angelic Communicator/Facilitator, Light Code & Star Ki Code Activator, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Esoteric Energetic Acupuncturist, Certified Sacred Activation’s Mastering Me Practitioner, a multi-dimensional Galactic Shaman and a Certified Witchcraft/Ceremonial Magickal Practitioner.

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Special Guest: Jacob Cooper

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Jacob Cooper, LMSW, RMT, CH has been in touch with spirit since a young age. Jacob is a near death experience survivor at the age of 5. From this, Jacob has always been open and in touch with the spirit realm.

He is inspired to spread his experience and message to others to bring lightness towards death and help others re-remember their own spiritual truths. Jacob has been a serious seeker of metaphysics since a young age. He has practiced and studied yoga and meditation for many years and has had many life altering experiences through this.

Jacob is a Reiki Master Teacher and has studied under intuitive Reverend Pauline Southard, Yvonne Cook, RMT as well as Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT. He has also had training in his own intuitive development from Tiffany and continues to open his abilities. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Jacob is an establish guest presenter for the Eyes of Learning Metaphysical Center, The Center for Intuitive Arts and Therapies and within local Long Island Libraries and Universities. Jacob currently runs Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy workshops and classes at Adelphi University and other Collegiate programs in the Tri-State Area.

Jacob is also a published writer for metaphysical and spiritual blogs, newsletters and magazines. He is also in the process of writing his own book entailing his own Near Death Experiences among many other themes.

When he is not at the podium providing spiritual healing or working on his writings, Jacob provides services as a Licensed Master Social Worker and is employed as a Mental Health Counselor. He also works as a Substance Abuse Counselor.

Heal with Jacob and help re-remember and re-experience the Sacred Truths and Light within!

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Call in Number:  (country code for the United States) +   657-383-1895   

Please unblock your phone number if you wish to get on air with Bryan and Jacob. Blocked, Restricted and Private Callers are not brought on air. Press 1 to get onto the Host Que to ask your question, otherwise you will remain in Listen Mode only.

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