Numerology for Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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Numerology for 22/May/2018

Your way is not always the only way and going with the flow could be very positive for you today, as it may prompt you into action, even if conditions are not perfect. Expectation can cause a great deal of suffering, sometimes it’s about making the best of what is presented to you. You have a wonderful breadth of vision that can see far beyond this and sometimes you can take on too much, feeling it’s all down to you. There is the danger that you don’t always finish what you start, so learn the value of maintenance and sticking with things … big projects take time to build, it’s not just about talk and passion.

~ Jane Alton 

Numerology for Monday, 14 May 2018

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Numerology for 14/May/2018

It may take others time to catch up with you. Be patient and try to stay calm, sometimes all you can do is observe. Stay connected with your feelings, remember moderation is key and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. Get past your fear of failure and rejection, push through barriers to be yourself but don’t let your new ideas prevent you from dealing with your current situation. Stay positive and focus on helping others in your own unique way, ideally doing things in new ways. Accept change and responsibility.

~ Jane Alton

Numerology for Thursday, 10 May 2018

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Numerology for 10/May/2018

You may have an important decision to make and may feel everything is coming up to be dealt with at once. You may feel on your own with regard to this, but go into the quiet and you will know you are not. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself, go into the quiet and you will know when to go forward and when to retreat. You have an amazing flair for business as long as you love what you do, so stay positive and try to connect with this again. Let of go the past and focus on moving forward. Know transformation is possible if you can stay the course, remaining open to sensible advice and not taking anything personally. Be sensitive and kind to yourself and others along the way too.

~ Jane Alton

Today at 3 pm ET / 12 pm (Noon) PT, Jeremy Riden is the Special Guest on the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg.

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Goldylocks Productions Presents the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg. Today, Thursday, 10 May 2018 at 3 pm ET / 12 pm (Noon) PT.

Shelley Hofberg is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic and Healer. Her multi-faceted gifts are reflected in her multi-faceted psychic career. Shelley has appeared on NBC television, the Discover Channel and is included in feature articles of newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and Ventura Star.  As a staff member of the West Coast Well Being metaphysical publication, Shelley was responsible for writing a pet psychic column and as a pet psychic, was mentioned in Lisa Barretta’s published book, ‘The Street Smart Psychic Guide to Getting a Good Reading.’



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Special Guest: Jeremy Riden

Jeremy is a spiritual life coach, spiritual teacher, author and motivational speaker.


Call in Number: 1 (country code for the United States) + 323.870.3791

Please unblock your phone number if you wish to get on air with Shelley and Jeremy. Blocked, Restricted and Private Callers are not brought on air. Press 1 to get onto the Host Que to ask your question, otherwise you will remain in Listen Mode only.

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Numerology for Wednesday, 9 May 2018

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Numerology for 09/May/2018

~ Jane Alton

Numerology for Thursday, 3 May 2018

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Numerology for 03/May/2018

You can be a hard headed practical thinker and with your wit you can strike hard and deep. You can also be sentimental and reflective. You may feel pushed into new territory, but with your planning and great emotional control you may have the opportunity to bring in new thinking with regard to the correct use of power. Use your determination, creativity and communication skills wisely and you have the potential to teach others a great deal. Just remember to put as much energy into personal relationships as you do the big schemes.

~ Jane Alton 

Numerology for Sunday, 29 April 2018

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Numerology for 29/April/2018 

Let go of your image and be yourself. Don’t put energy into fear of failure or rejection – accept your unique and sensitive emotional nature. You have an amazing flair for business when you do what you love to do, your focus doesn’t have to be just survival. Get past your disappointment if others don’t want to be looked after and try not to impose your beliefs on others. Detach yourself from guilt and forgive. Love without expectation. Find the harmony within and this will surround you.

~ Jane Alton