Today at 11 am ET, the Global Healing Session to help Heal the World with Laura Romeiro.

Team of Lightworkers

Global Healing Session 4 of 4

Please join your fellow Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Heart Healers, as we band together to bring healing to the world, to help eradicate the COVID 19 virus, and help heal those affected by it.


Thursday ~ April 23 2020 ~ 11:00 AM ET

or Call in: 206-806-9965

Together, we can make a difference! This healing session is for you, your family, neighbors, the world! Whether you are an experienced healer or not, your healing intention will make a difference to help the world and everything in it that is affected by this virus.

The Divine Healing Team of Angels and Ascended Masters will lead us through a beautiful, peaceful, light-filled healing session. Our group healing energy will be very powerful. Our healing energy and prayers are desperately needed – won’t you please be part of this amazing and powerful group? If you are unable to join in, please send healing thoughts and prayers when you can. Thank you in advance for offering your loving thoughts and energy.
Many Blessings,

~ Laura Romeiro
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Global Healing

Do Not Allow Fear to Feed on You

Grandmothers Speak
“The present imbalance of energy on earth has placed all life in danger. It is time to return to balance.”  The Great Council of the Grandmothers are calling us to step into our power, calling women and men to reach out to one another in love. All are welcome to this work. 
“Grandmothers,” I asked, “
What do you want us to know at this time of rising terror in the world? 
“What we have to say is important,” they replied. 
“Listen. Then share our message.
“In order to move the energy on earth from terror to healing, you must begin to hold all Muslims as your brothers and sisters. This is especially important. Do not pull away from this group because of the terrible events that are taking place now.  And do not pull away from the perpetrators of these events. They are also your brothers and sisters. It may be difficult to think of them as the lost, frightened, angry brothers and sisters that they are, but vilifying them will do no good. Rejecting people only drives them further into hatred, so do not reject any member of the human family.
“Each time you hold the Muslim faith in the Net of Light, the Net will bless all who follow this faith. The core of Islam is peace, and as you hold all Muslims in the Net, the perpetrators and would-be perpetrators will also be lifted by the Net, filled with peace and love. Because the Net of Light burns away negative states, it will automatically lift the fear and rage that fuel these horrific events. Hold all beings in the Net.
“Although hysteria is mounting and fear is feeding everywhere, do not allow fear to feed on you. As terrible as these tragic events are, they will eventually pass. We promise you that.
Hold steady and link with one another through the radiant Net. The Net of Light is the Fabric of Being of the entire Universe and it is no small thing to connect with the Fabric of Being of the Universe.
“The Net nourishes life–supports and cradles everything it touches. The Net of Light/Net of Love is the underpinning of creation. So if ever you catch yourself falling into fear or feelings of separation, call on the Net of Light to lift you!
“Think of the Net of Light day and night, call on it 1000 times a day. Connect with one another through the Net and welcome any form of the Divine you love as you do so. Call on Jesus, call on Allah, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, the Grandmothers. Call! All of these are different forms of the ONE, so when you call on one of them, they all respond.
“Do not try to go through these difficult times all by yourself,” the Grandmothers said.”Instead, connect with the Net of Light to  automatically link with one another and with the Divine. Once you have done that, relax and let light hold you. We too will hold you.”
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