Today at 11 am ET, the Global Healing Session to help Heal the World with Laura Romeiro.

Team of Lightworkers

Global Healing Session 4 of 4

Please join your fellow Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Heart Healers, as we band together to bring healing to the world, to help eradicate the COVID 19 virus, and help heal those affected by it.


Thursday ~ April 23 2020 ~ 11:00 AM ET

or Call in: 206-806-9965

Together, we can make a difference! This healing session is for you, your family, neighbors, the world! Whether you are an experienced healer or not, your healing intention will make a difference to help the world and everything in it that is affected by this virus.

The Divine Healing Team of Angels and Ascended Masters will lead us through a beautiful, peaceful, light-filled healing session. Our group healing energy will be very powerful. Our healing energy and prayers are desperately needed – won’t you please be part of this amazing and powerful group? If you are unable to join in, please send healing thoughts and prayers when you can. Thank you in advance for offering your loving thoughts and energy.
Many Blessings,

~ Laura Romeiro
 Psychic Angel Intuitive
 Spiritual Healer
 RKMR Reiki Master
 Usui Reiki Master Teacher
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