Does Negative Thoughts Dominate your Self Talk?

Self Talk2


Your subconscious mind is very powerful, affecting not only your physical body but your emotions, responses and attitudes and of course, your thoughts. There are hundreds of examples that demonstrate this and we know that the subconscious mind has the power to manifest into reality exactly what we want or what we don’t want to become! 

The subconscious mind can set into motion the required energy pattern and, in fact, can activate all types of energy patterns. For example, if you are after health and healing or on a completely different path and looking for wealth, prosperity and success, it makes no difference. The subconscious mind has the power to activate the energy pattern that you require. Never underestimate your own Inner Power.

The key to tapping into this tremendous power lies in the messages we send to the subconscious mind, so we must make sure to use the correct language and be aware of how we communicate internally. Most people do not consciously think about or even attempt this. Rather, they just let the mind wander and carry on with incessant internal chatter about everything and anything that might be happening in their lives. Most of such idle mind chatter is unfocused and often quite self sabotaging and destructive! 

Due to past programming, the messages that come from our subconscious minds are often more negative than positive, resulting in feelings of insecurity, inferiority and guilt unless we make a concerted effort to recognize and counteract these feelings. 


Self Talk


The good news is that we have the power to change things.

We CAN change the way we feel simply by changing the way we think. 

The first step is to be honest with yourself and take responsibility by acknowledging that it is really ourselves who cause feelings of anger, fear, inadequacy and guilt. We can actually reprogram ourselves and change our perspective to be Balanced. Balanced meaning that we do have both positive and negative potential energy. Too much negativity throws us off balance and we have the negative, hurtful self talk. Too much positive and this still throws us off balance as we lie to ourselves, create a false reality, we see the world through those ‘rose colored’ glasses instead of looking at the whole picture. Being Balanced is acknowledging that both negative and positive energies are just a part of our existence and not letting either one get so much attention that it throws us off balance. 

The words and sentences you choose to use, even casually, will enter and take form in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes everything you say literally and does not differentiate between positive and negative thoughts. It is vital that you use words that relate to your sense of self-esteem, self-worth and Balance as this is what your subconscious mind understands. 


Begin right now and stop using phrases and words that work against you. Here are a few examples:

I can’t do it.
I’m too old for this.
It’s impossible!
I’m just a born loser.
Why does this always happen to me?
I’ll never get that job.


Get the idea? We tend to say such things when we are upset, frustrated or annoyed. Even if your remark is just casual, it gets picked up by the subconscious mind that never sleeps and is always paying attention.

Now that you understand the power of the subconscious mind and the energy that gets created, you can change your internal dialogue and put an end to idle off balanced mental chatter. Begin today to make a conscious effort in this regard and catch yourself from using any off balancing self talk. Make it a habit to use Self Empowering statements and you will see an immediate improvement in your outlook and results.



This works! Start now and then let me know how you are doing! 


~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman