Energy Forecast for December 14 to 21, 2015

Energy Forecast for December 14 to 21, 2015

By Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

Channeled Messages via: Revelations Oracle Cards by Paul Miller

Revelations Oracle Cards



As I sat down to channel this week’s Energy Forecast, my Guides told me to wait until Wednesday to do this. Even though I didn’t know why then, I listened. Wednesday afternoon, in the mail, I received my autographed deck of Revelations Oracle Cards from Paul Miller. This was a Kickstarter project I helped out with, months ago. I actually forgot about it. How delightful to have received these beautiful and highly energized oracle cards! I then knew why the Guides wanted me to wait…so that I can share them with you in this week’s Energy Forecast.

I am grateful to be a part of helping to get this Kickstart project funded. Paul Miller’s Revelations Oracle Cards are hot off the press! Enjoy! ~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

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Throat Chakra Card

You are seeking your voice in the world and feeling that there is something inside you that needs to be said or expressed. You may soon find the truth for it is coming forward. Holding back from speaking how you feel or yelling constantly will only cause you physical problems. Pay attention to your tone. Sing your own song, for this is the way to express who you truly are and come into your own power. I am Trusting



Air Card

Pay attention to your breathing. Breath is a life force energy and you may be taking in too little. Breathe in new life and breathe out stagnation and old patterns. It is time to let go and trust the process of life a little more. You desire to travel and have new experiences on new horizons. You will move in the direction the wind blows you. Open up because life is going on all around you. I am Surrendering



The Path Card

You are being Divinely guided at all times. If you feel like you have gone astray, or off of your path, say to yourself, “I am always on The Path of Light and Love and going with the flow of the Universe. I am in perfect rhythm with myself and I am present in the here and now.” Release thoughts of ‘could have, should have, and would have.” Just let yourself be. Please know that you have never left The Path, even though it seems that you have at times. Every single step that leads you along has a purpose to your ultimate fulfillment. You are in the right place at the right time. I am Present



Warrior Card

Sometimes the warrior spirit spends a good amount of time fighting for all that is wrong in the world. When we go through times of fighting against life, we tend to shield ourselves and in return can become cunning, calculating and cold towards others. Warriors can play many different roles including: activists, police, armed forces and even kickboxers. There is also something known as the peaceful warrior, who uses their actions in a positive, non-violent way, learning to make friends and forgiving their enemies. Are you pushing in life or are you allowing? I am Fearless



Love & Relationships Card

Avoid being “on the lookout” for a new relationship. Love is all around you at all times. A new love will show itself to you when you are ready. Spirit knows that you seek a sense of renewed love in your current relationship or is working on the other side to provide you with a spiritual partner. Things are not always what they seem to be. Open up and enjoy who you are. Say to yourself, “I am love, I am beautiful, I am happy.”   I am Worthy



Father Sky Card

Now is the time to call on Father Sky. Be free and swift as the wind in all that you do. Lighten up. You think, see and feel too heavy. Life is cast and open when walking in the body of Spirit. Breathe in his air and breathe out your life. He is here to restore, rejuvenate and renew you when called upon.  I am Light



Angel Card

Angels have guided you from Heaven to Earth. They were there for your birth. The Divine surrounds you at all times. Call on them in your time of need for they can give you strength. They can also give you freedom and will always give you love. Your prayers are always answered, even if it does not seem so at the time. They send you earthly angels to guide you into new existences, and perform miracles every day. Angels come as strangers, giving you a simple word of wisdom…simply listen. They are aware of the Divine order of the Universe and always deliver exactly what you need when the timing is right.                  I am Angelic



Huntress Card

The Huntress is most wise and shrewd, raw in nature and fearless in heart. She is here to help you seek out that which is missing in your life. She reminds you to be aware of your sense of sounds, tastes and smells. She sees for others when they cannot see for themselves. You may be sought out for your wisdom in all matters of life. This is a reminder to not take any more that what belongs to you. The Huntress also represents releasing and letting go of the past. Stay true in your essence of who you are, by being bold, fearless and powerful.  I am Wise



Universe Card

All transformative and creational thought is upon you. Remember that the Universe loves and supports you at all times and it’s only a matter of space and time for the things that you have asked for to be brought to you. Illumination and a birth of new ideas and infinite possibilities are on the horizon. Tonight all the stars in the world conspire to bring you your deepest hearts desire. I am Receiving



Sage Card

Always the consummate performer, sages need constant drama in their lives and must also know what is going on in everybody else’s. You know every little thing about everybody. This may be a time in your life of experiencing really happy highs and very down and depressing lows. Remember to keep a balance in life and stay out of the drama once in a while, as it will deplete your energy. You may find your success in media, such as reporting, theater, or anything that allows you to be the star of the show. I am Joyful



Root Chakra Card

You may find yourself in a depressive mood, feeling as if there is no hope and no way out of relationship troubles, and financial troubles. It may even seem as if the whole world is against you. Great change will and can come to you at this point in your reality. Sometimes it’s in your darkest hour that you let go and are saved from the shackles that bind you, no longer playing a victim of circumstance. Owning your authentic power and take responsibility at all times for the reality that you have created will bring you back to the light.  I am Angry



Synchronicity Card

Synchronicity is at play every day of your life. You may be seeing small visions or experiencing feelings or moments when your awareness is a higher vibration and your mind is quiet. These small glimpses are there to remind you that a waited for and larger synchronistic event is on the way or unfolding. Miracles happen every day. Take this opportunity to meditate so that you may move through life with greater ease. Moving synchronistically with nature and other humans will allow you to hit all the green lights along your path.  I am Harmonious


Author: White Sage Woman

Tiffany White Sage Woman is Cosmic Heart Healing and Quantum Healing Facilitator, a Spiritual Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Run Valdr Healing and Holistic Health Facilitator. Tiffany is also an ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing and Goldylocks Productions. Tiffany produces Live Streamed Shows, Podcasts, and Events for those in the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Professions.

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