Today at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT, Special Guest Panel discusses Spirit and Creativity on the Living in Partnership with Spirit Radio Show with host Ingrid Turner.

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Goldylocks Productions Presents the Living in Partnership with Spirit Show with Ingrid Turner. Today, Tuesday, 28 March 2017 at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT.

Ingrid Turner is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Diviner.  She connects with loved ones, spirit guides, spiritual energies, and the higher self to help her clients heal, connect with their authentic spiritual path, and live in their power.  She also runs coaching programs for individuals and groups, where she helps outside-the-box seekers connect with Spirit directly, and build their own spiritual structures.

The theme of the show is living a spiritual life in partnership with Spirit in every capacity of your life, and however you define Spirit.  Be that spiritual beings, energies, or God.  Every week we will have a topic, a guest relevant to that topic, and an opportunity for listeners to call in to ask a question from Spirit, get spiritual guidance, or ask questions of our guest and their story.


Special Guest Panel discusses Spirit and Creativity:

Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana Lynne Andersen has taught and exhibited on three continents. Her paintings have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and calendars and her artwork, as well as her visionary thinking, have been featured in newspapers, radio and television. Dana is known as a loving and inspiring teacher, a ‘vesuvius of creativity’ and as “an important visionary for the consciousness community” (Robert Mc Dermott president emeritus of the California Institute of Integral Studies) Dana received her bachelor’s degree cum laude in philosophy from Colorado College, and her Master’s Degree in the Study of Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University. In 1986 she founded her first “Transformative Arts Studio” (HeartCore Studio 1986-1989 Berkeley, California) – a nexus for the pioneering integration of Art and Spirituality. In subsequent studios (Tree of Life Studio Denver, Colorado 1989- 1996), and at Ananda Village (1996- to present) she created studio laboraties for the evolution of consciousness through whole brain/whole Being creative process. In 2002 she founded “Awakening Arts”, an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is uplifting and transformative. In 2009 she began teaching in Italy and India, establishing The Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness and developing a certification program in Transformative Arts approach. The Academy is centered in Umbria, Italy with satellites in India as well as in the United States (California, Oregon and Hawaii).


Ashton Robertson2

Ashton Robertson. Since my first big spiritual awakening in 2007, I have been spreading knowledge, light, love and wisdom with the world in many forms. I am a writer, musician, and I love holding group meditation sessions. I have the ability to hold space in any situation, and be the mirror so other people may see a different way of being, instead of forceful teaching. I believe in leveling with people, and feeling our innate oneness, instead of feeding my belief patterns to people. I find it much more effective for consciousness growth to simply listen to other people. I would love to listen to you, or anyone really. Together we change the world, and I am a bringer of peace, conscious change, expansion and unity. I hold vast knowledge within holistic health, science, esoteric wisdom, mediation, chakras, dimensions, and parallel realities.



Monika Carless is an author, freelance writer, channel and motivator. A Reiki Master and Holistic Nutritionist, Monika follows the Wise Woman Tradition as a Solitary Witch. She lives on Vancouver Island, B.C. with her partner Steve, and all the deer who munch her garden. Although many things inspire her, Monika lives for the written word and the Authentic Life. Her work can be found in her columns on elephant journal, and on her website, Simply Solitary. A free spirit, Monika challenges social norms, for the collective growth of the Consciousness. Monika is the author of The Dark Pool series of novels, delving into sacred sexuality, pagan mythology and erotic expression.



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Author: White Sage Woman

Tiffany White Sage Woman is Cosmic Heart Healing and Quantum Healing Facilitator, a Spiritual Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Run Valdr Healing and Holistic Health Facilitator. Tiffany is also an ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing and Goldylocks Productions. Tiffany produces Live Streamed Shows, Podcasts, and Events for those in the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Professions.

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