Today at 1 pm ET, Marieke van Donkersgoed is the Special Guest on Enlightening Conversations with Pam Silver Eagle. Watch and Participate in this Inspiring Live Streamed Show!

Goldylocks Productions presents Enlightening Conversations with Pam Silver Eagle.

Today, Tuesday, 2 February 2021 at 1 pm ET.

Pam Silver Eagle is a Sacred Warrior of the Rainbow Prophecy and she walks the “Red Road.” She is a gifted Medicine Woman, Galactic Shaman, Wayshower, Earth Guardian, and a Spiritual Wellness (Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit) Guide who carries the Ancient Wisdom and the understanding of how all Living Beings are interconnected and meant to co-exist in the Great Web of Life. It is with much passion and dedication to her Soul Mission, that she assists others in connecting, healing and remembering this truth.

Special Guest: Marieke van Donkersgoed

I am a Dutch native with an international background, now living on the northern edge of Wisconsin. My upbringing was full, jam packed with experiences all over the globe, with diverse influences through family, cultures, peoples, and languages. I consider myself an Earthling, traversing rather than rooted anywhere in particular.

A personal crisis in 2009 led me on the path of spiritual understanding and expansion when I consulted a Life Coach. My opening up to a new way of Human Being allowed the learning that had been waiting for me. I became a certified Life Coach to assist others. The death of my mom in 2012 – when I had what is called a “shared death experience” – showed me the purpose of dying, death, and grief and how we can live and love and be loved bigger through those inevitable life events. I have since coached people through many aspects of life and loss, towards growth and joy.

Please find me on Facebook at The Cypress Center for Life Coaching.

Coaching sessions available in person, by phone and video chat.

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