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Bursting with color, turmeric is taking the world by storm. This popular spice has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Its powerful antioxidants (curcuminoids) support the immune and vascular systems. Turmeric especially helps the body provide a natural immune response. 
Supports joint health and comfort
Supports gut health and the immune system
Aids your circulatory system 
1,000 mg curcuminoids per serving 

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Why Our Turmeric Curcumin? 

We get our turmeric from an award-winning partner that is highly praised for both its botanical farming and supply-chain transparency. The raw material is cultivated on Indian farmlands with good agricultural practices. As an ingredient, it has been recognized twice by the Nutrition Business Journal. It’s also non-GMO and has well-established sustainability. We double-check that and about 500 other things to bring you the best! 

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