Today at 2 pm ET, Kai and Julia Muegge are the Special Guests on the In the Psychic Flow Show Interview Special with Carolan Carey.


Goldylocks Productions Presents In the Psychic Flow Show ~ Interview Special with Carolan Carey.

Special Day and Time!

Today, Monday, 20 May 2019 at 2 pm ET.


Carolan Carey has been called “The Psychic Medium of Sarasota” or “SRQ” to all you jet-setters!   After doing phone readings from New York to Vietnam – Carolan’s clients refer to her as “that psychic from Sarasota”.  Carolan is a platform medium demonstrating her spirit connection at many area venues.



Kai and Julia Mugge


Special Guests: Kai and Julia Muegge

Kai Muegge experienced poltergeist phenomena at a friend’s house when he was 11. By the age of 15 he had founded his own séance group and experimented in table tilting. Kai, acting as a medium, later formed the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) in 2005, based in Hanau, Germany. Kai was able to convince his mother, a teacher and former skeptic to participate in the group and since she has defended Kai’s work as genuine and authentic.

Kai’s wife, Julia, is his supporter, technical adviser and team leader.  Julia travels with her husband while he delivers seances world-wide to astonished sitters. Testimonials from these sitters reveal their life-changing experience.  Kai is supported by the ASSMPI organization is one of the most scientifically tested medium of our time. In trance, Kai has materialized ectoplasm, numerous spirit apports and reunited the attendees with spirit loved ones.



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