Mercury and Mars Simultaneous Retrogrades and their Effect on Us.

Mercury and Mars Simultaneous Retrogrades Drag Us Backward

~ by Janet Booth

August might be the most difficult month of 2018. Eight solar system bodies appear to move backwards at least a portion of the month, including Mars (6/26 to 8/27) and Mercury (7/26 to 8/19). The retrograde planets are those more difficult and yang in nature. Current forward-moving planets are the “benefics” Venus and Jupiter, and Ceres, a dwarf planet with a nurturing temperament. This could mean that while circumstances are stressful, a benevolent influence helps us through our struggles. Or so you can tell yourself the next time you’re thwarted.
Needless to say, this is not the month to begin something new, or even to expect much progress in an ongoing venture. It is, however, an ideal time to go back to unfinished matters which need more attention, to revisit prior decisions and assess whether adjustments are in order.
Mercury backtracks in Leo between 11 and 23 degrees, not quite across from Mars, which backslides from 9 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn. In many people’s charts, they will be in a pair of opposite houses, showing where tensions will peak. Anyone with a planet in 9 to 11 degrees of a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is impacted by the Mercury and Mars “stations” (where they appear to stop to change direction) and will likely have an especially uphill battle in the areas where these signs influence their chart.
Hang in there, everybody! Things lighten up (a bit) after Sept. 6, when we’re down to just five retrogrades.

Additional Points from Vedic Astrology 

~ by Usha Kumar

I agree with Janet! I’d like to add a few points from Vedic Astrology. Mars retrograde in sidereal Capricorn, opposite to the Sun, indicates instability to Mars’s true nature of aggression, courage, strength, leadership and war. Additionally, Ketu (the South Node) shares the sign with Mars, while Saturn is retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius in 12th house of losses. Retrograde Mercury is opposite Mars in the sign of Cancer (sidereal) along with the Sun and Rahu (the North Node), poking Mars with mega blasts of energy or misinformation from a powerful entity or person. The result can mean losses from economic trade wars between major countries in the world, hot climate around the world, fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and unnecessary wars. Who can say what more will Uranus square Mars add to this mix?

Amidst all these disruptions, life goes on, so enjoy the remaining summer!


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