Crystal Generators

Rose Quartz Generator

Crystal Generators are crystals terminating in six faces (facets). Generators are sometimes also called Projector Crystals. Crystal Generators can vary greatly in size but are all powerful regardless.

Generators do exactly what their name implies … they generate and project energy and are also great for re-energizing or recharging other crystals and stones.

They are often placed in the center of a Meditation Circle during group meditations, and in the center of Healing Shares as well. These crystals are favorites for alternative healing procedures, generating and directing energy in precise regular pulses and patterns, especially when programmed for specific functions.

Like all stones, each Generator is a distinct individual with its own lifetime of experience and unique frequency transmissions. It can contain phantoms, rainbows, inclusions, or it can be perfectly clear. A Generator can be any member of the Quartz family so long as all of its six sides terminate in one regular 6-sided point. The more perfect the geometry of the crystals the more energy generated.

Generators are extraordinary meditation tools, helping you gather and focus your concentration and energy, then amplify and project it in the desired direction. They are also good instructors while you are learning not to damage anything when focusing and using energy and power responsibly. Hold or carry a Generator anytime you need to feel Balanced.