Tonight at 7 pm ET, James McCann is the Special Guest on the Beyond the Screen Radio Show with host Tammy Deans.

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Tammy Deans

Goldylocks Productions Presents the Beyond the Screen Show with Tammy Deans. Tonight, Thursday, 11 May 2017 at 7 pm ET.

Tammy Deans has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and psychic fields. As a child, she witnessed apparitions and grew up knowing she was quite different from others. She is an Ordained Minister, Reiki practitioner, Vibrational Energy Therapist/Teacher, paranormal investigator, writer and author, radio host, artist and psychic. She has been interested in the paranormal and the spiritual or new age movement her entire life. When Tammy was around the age of sixteen she began doing psychic readings and so began her journey as she learned how to tap into some of the many different realms.

During years passed, Tammy could be found intently sitting around a table with her hands placed upon a talking spirit board. The consequences from these experiences would never leave and still affect her today. Because of her true life story, she has been featured on the “Destination America and Travel & Escape Channel’s” popular show, “Paranormal Survivor” and is currently writing a book based on her life and paranormal experiences.

Tammy is also the sole proprietor of Haunted Sault Ste. Marie, offering paranormal investigations and haunted walking tours. Her interest in the paranormal includes UFOlogy, investigating haunted locations, possessions, and demonology, to name only a few. Clients reach out to her in search of answers and for her abilities to perform house cleansings and clearings.

As a psychic, Tammy is currently working with a world renowned company offering psychic readings as well as on a more personal, one-on-one level in her home town, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

Tammy has led and developed many spiritual workshops and groups over the years. She is grateful to have been included in helping others heal themselves through the channeling of Universal Life Force Energy. Tammy has mentored and shared with many about topics such as the Law of Attraction, forms of divination and spirituality.

In 2010 she opened a small store, Tammy Deans Psychic Readings & Gift Shop offering tea cup, tarot card, and candle readings, aura painting, metaphysical supplies, her artwork, and a large selection of crystals and gemstones.

Tammy was host to a radio show, “Beyond the Screen” on, and facilitates a spiritual and meditation group, Illuminations to bring like-minded individuals together to learn and share.

She published her first book, “Poetry by Tammy – Lessons Learned” in 2014, and her second, “Illuminations by Tammy” in 2015. Her most recent book, “A Fine Line Between Good & Evil” in 2017, is based on her life growing up with the paranormal. The Oracle Cards, “Within the Eye” are her creation which she lovingly painted the pictures and wrote the descriptions of each card. Many eagerly await her next book.

Tammy has been featured on Shaw TV’s series “GO!” and articles about her have been published in the Sault This Week and the Sault Star newspapers. Check out her weekly writing column with stories of local haunts and answering psychic questions from readers on

When asked about her future endeavors, Tammy responds with, “Everything happens for a reason and life changes on a dime. I will always be working on something bigger and better while learning life’s endless lessons. I promise to continue chasing rainbows, ghosts and whatnots in the sky!”

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Special Guest: James McCann

James McCann

After being a Private Investigator for about 15 years, overnight “Ghost hunts” almost came natural to James. James interest in the Paranormal developed during his year stay in New Orleans (2001/2002). At which time he became somewhat of a history buff while exploring deeper into its rich history, legends and lore.

When it came time for James to return home to Erie, The idea of “Life after Death” still was of major interest to him. James started off subtle by reading books on the paranormal by such authors as Troy Taylor, John Zaffis, Lloyd Auerbach and Trent Brandon.

As time past, James became discontent with just reading. He wanted to become more “hands on” and decided to seek out other paranormal enthusiasts in the Erie, Pa area. Eventually he joined up with a local group, The Strange happenings Ghost and Haunting Research Society. During this time James conducted several investigations with the team.

A year had passed and the S.H.G.H.R.S had slowed down a bit. James felt that he wanted more out of the whole “Ghost hunting experience” and with that being said, A Paranormal Group, Erie County Pennsylvania (A.P.G.E.C.P) was born. James founded the group in 2003. The last 15 years the group has done over 100 investigations and don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. A.P.G.E.C.P have investigated such places as The Battles museum (Girard, Pa), The Watson-Curtze Mansion(Erie, Pa), The Waterford Hotel (Waterford, Pa) the Knickerbocker Hotel(LinesvillePa) and many other places outside of Pa.

A whole other chapter in James exploration of the unknown consists of countless visits to the local Gudgeonville Bridge in Girard, Pa. Until the recent arson that destroyed the local landmark, he had spent roughly 3 and a 1/2 years researching and investigating this element of Girard’s local history. During his research James did find that the young girl who had fallen to her death was no myth, in fact his research uncovered it to be true. You can see the newspaper clipping at

The Bridge was one of James favorite locations. He has a great deal of photo, video and audio (E.V.P) evidence which he captured during his many investigations at the location. Every year, a great deal of his evidence can be seen at the Eerie Horror film Fest.

James Has teamed up with Death Dealer Productions producing a film on this location. The DVD was released in October of 2016.

The A.P.G.E.C.P are considered to be one of the most reputable groups from the Erie area. Either the A.P.G.E.C.P and or James himself has in one way shape or form been mentioned in such books as, Reaching through the veil(Stephanie Wincik), Ghosts of Hotel Conneaut and Conneaut Lake Park(Carrie Andra Pavlik) and also has done articles for General McLane and Mercy Hurst College. He has also made a appearances on several radio shows local and internet.

Some other interesting things pertaining to James and the A.P.G.E.C.P. :

James had once accompanied the crew of Ghost Adventures to the Gudgeonville Bridge.

A.P.G.E.C.P’s first television appearance was on local Psychic/Medium Natalie Smith-Blakeslee’s “Messages from the Light”.

Roughly half of the team’s investigations are private residents and business locations.

James can be found these days mostly on facebook with a regular page and a group page.


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