Happy New Year 1/1/2017 = 1 (1.1.1 Activation)

Rev. Bryan Rawls


Happy New Year’s Eve To you ALL!!!

This year we are entering into a (1) year which means New Beginnings. The Elders say that when we are in the portal of a 1 year it means we must take the time to act independently and take the lead within our life to understand more of our purpose. They say it is within our grasp for us to use our unique innate talents and gifts to bring about a greater experience of our human matrix. The Elders also say, ” 2017 is a year to begin something NEW and to express our unique selves. That’s why I have been prompted to bring to you all The 1.1.1 Activation to bring about your Divine Uniqueness and Understanding of your Divine Plan . This activation will be beneficial by allowing for the following to occur for you:

  • Understanding Your Divine Purpose
  • Enhanced Visualization…

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