Urgent Message from Little Bear Sanctuary: 4 Death Row Pigs Need To Be Saved! Please help us raise the money to save them!

We need HELP rescuing these 4 pigs on Death Row!

Transportation and vetting for these death row pigs is astronomical. We’re partnering with Saving Animals & Healing Hearts in San Diego to get these babies to Little Bear. It’s been extremely challenging and we must reach our goal.

Groot and Dory were in a very dangerous situation in Boron California. There was a good Samaritan doing their very best to protect them over the last five months.  They were fed sporadically, the victims of cruelty and neglect. Saving Animals & Healing Hearts got them to safety.

Mamas was purchased for slaughter by some in the backwoods in the high desert.  She delivered 9 little babies in the desert sun.  115 degrees, no shade no water.  The sister of the person that had her, made him relinquish and  Saving Animals & Healing Hearts grabbed them out to safety when the babies were just 5 days old.  Mamas has never acclimated to humans.   

Runner made media attention when found running around the streets in Riverside, CA. Riverside police were able to catch him and bring him to high kill shelter in Riverside. Saving Animals & Healing Hearts were able to get him to safety.

Pictured: Mamas, Dory, Runner, and Groot from top left to right. 

Little Bear Sanctuary and Saving Animals & Healing Hearts have teamed up to get these death row pigs to their forever home here at LBS. 

Transportation and vetting fees are at an all time high. We need everyone’s help us with this monumental rescue. 

If you’d like to sponsor either of them monthly, we’ve included a link to our sponsorship program below as well. 

There are so many other ways to donate monthly

Check out our $5 “Give a cup of coffee” fundraiser 

Or Sponsor an Animal

Thank you for supporting us!

Your friends at Little Bear Sanctuary



Donate to this Non-Profit Organization via Venmo:  https://account.venmo.com/u/LittleBearSanctuary

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