Today at 1 pm ET, Randi Seltzer Bonica and Members of the Goat Games Sanctuaries are the Special Guests on the Live from Little Bear Sanctuary Show with Christopher Vane.

Goldylocks Productions presents Live from Little Bear Sanctuary with Christopher Vane.

Today, Friday, 13 August 2021 at 1 pm ET.

Christopher Vane co-founded Little Bear Sanctuary, a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Punta Gorda, FL, in honor of his late mother Ursula (which translates to “little bear” in Latin). They shared a common passion for animals and Ursula often dreamed of providing neglected, once-abused animals a safe haven.

While originally from New York, Chris surprisingly started off with a career in human healthcare, eventually landing in Florida working as a real estate broker. When he met Randy, everything changed…for the better, that is! Their relationship sparked a new passion to live each day with purpose. After they got married, their desire to provide a better world for farm animals was greatly amplified. Together, Chris and Randy followed through on Ursula’s dream and established the Little Bear Sanctuary in 2017. Now, 160+ rescued farm animals call Little Bear Sanctuary home, and – thanks to Christopher’s compassion and dedication – each animal has been given an opportunity to experience love and freedom.

Little Bear Sanctuary provides a permanent home for farm animals that have been abandoned or can no longer be cared for by the owner in order to allow them to live out the remainder of their lives in a cruelty free environment. We are committed not only to a vegan lifestyle but the essential education of pigs as pets. Our animals are never kept in cages or pens and are free to roam in their natural habitat.

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Special Guests: Randi Seltzer Bonica and Members of the Goat Games Sanctuaries.

Randi Seltzer Bonica is a vegan mama, a high school guidance counselor, an animal advocate, and a jewelry maker. She lives with her husband Steve, her son, Murray, and her six rescue cats in Rockaway Beach, New York City.

2021 Goat Game Sanctuaries:

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Every day, the world over, wild and domestic animals are abandoned, displaced, or injured by humans and natural causes. The sole purpose of The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is to ensure that these animals receive the highest standards of care during rescue, rehabilitation, and the rest of their life.

We are the only globally recognized organization for certifying that a facility meets the GFAS Standards of Excellence and recognizes those as a true “sanctuary.” As such, facilities around the world, large and small, come to GFAS for guidance and support in achieving and maintaining GFAS-accredited status.

Our Vision: A world in which sanctuaries provide lifetime humane care to all animals in need. Our Mission: To continuously improve the quality of care for animals requiring sanctuary by Accrediting sanctuaries based on worldwide standards of excellence, Facilitating operational and financial support, and Enhancing effectiveness, recognition, and collaboration.

Barn Sanctuary

Barn Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating farmed animals who have been abused and neglected. We show farmed animals in a new light, highlighting their individuality by sharing their unique stories and educating the public about the treatment of animals raised for human consumption. We operate on all levels from a position of kindness, mutual respect, and belonging, welcoming everyone to participate in our mission to spread compassion for farmed animals everywhere.

Dan McKernan is the co-founder of Barn Sanctuary and star of the popular Animal Planet series Saved by the Barn. In 2015, Dan left his tech job in Austin, Texas, to transform his family’s 140-year-old farm into a safe haven for farmed animals. That safe haven is Barn Sanctuary.  Author of a forthcoming children’s book, “This Farm Is a Family,” Dan’s mission, through the work of Barn Sanctuary, is to change the way the world views farmed animals and help lead society towards a more compassionate and plant-based lifestyle.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Celebrating 20 Years! Founded in 2001, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 150-acre refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley. It is home to eleven species of rescued farmed animals with between 275 and 400 residents at any given time. In addition to direct animal aid, the Sanctuary offers on-site tours, vegan cooking lessons, and educational programs that advocate veganism as the very best way to end animal suffering, improve human health, and heal an ailing planet.

Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven is located in a park-like setting in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are on a mission to end animal cruelty against farm animals in the PNW. We primarily work with local animal control to rescue animals coming from cruelty and abuse cases. These animals are typically former cock-fighting roosters and pigs. Through our successful adoption program we are able to save hundreds of animals every year. In addition to our rescue work we also fight for a more compassionate world through our education and advocacy programs. Your generosity and support allows us to continue the fight for the most vulnerable among us.

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Kindred Spirits is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending the abuse and suffering of farm animals through direct rescue, advocacy, and education. We seek to provide a place where people can connect with these sentient beings and discover their unique (and often humorous!) personalities. At Kindred Spirits, farm animals are our friends, not our food. We are passionate about helping others form bonds with these remarkable animals, and gladly give tours on scheduled days! 

The Sanctuary is located on just under 75 beautiful acres in Citra, Florida. The 166 sanctuary residents receive around-the-clock care, high quality diets, spacious barns, and green pastures in which to laze and graze. Most importantly, they are treated as individuals and given a loving, peaceful environment where they can live without pain, hunger, or fear of exploitation for their natural lives.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge provides lifelong care to rescued farm animals, educates people about the realities of animal agriculture, and promotes veganism by offering knowledge, support, and community.
Founded in 2012, Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in North Carolina just 15 minutes away from the downtowns of Carrboro, Saxapahaw, and Pittsboro and 20 minutes away from downtown Chapel Hill.

Our vision is to live in a world where the need for farmed animal rescue, education about the factory farm industry, and promotion of a vegan lifestyle are no longer necessary because the world is vegan and the exploitation of animals for consumption has ended.

Wildwood Farm Sanctuary

Wildwood Farm Sanctuary and Preserve in Newberg, Oregon, is a 98-acre sanctuary for nature and for formerly farmed animals. Our mission is protecting nature, promoting compassion, and inspiring change. We have an experienced crew heading up this year’s Goat Games. Senior Executive Billy Blue Eyes is backed by capable junior managers Doodle and Smokey. When they’re not in management meetings, they enjoy snacking on blackberry brambles, carefully grooming the pastures, and bribing the humans for bananas. These three have lived at Wildwood the longest, working their way up the management ladder through shameless schmoozing and audacious snack-scrounging. They capably manage all 100 of the residents who found their forever home at this farm animal sanctuary that’s also a beautiful preserve for native plants and animals.

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