Today at 4 pm ET, Gayle Waxon is the Special Guest on the Secrets of the Universe Show with Sherri ‘Sage’ Zimmerman.

Goldylocks Productions presents Secrets of the Universe with Sherri ‘Sage’ Zimmerman.

Today, Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 4 pm ET.

Sherri L. Zimmerman aka ‘Sage’ is the Author of Success After Insanity: Healing Hearts of the Mentally ill (Autobio) & Mental Illness and the Psychic Connection. Sherri also teaches the Art & Science of Tarot & Astrology (over 20 years). She is the creator of Metaphysical board games for the current and future generations.

Most of Sherri’s life has been spent in and out of mental hospitals/facilities for a good part of 30 years. In that time, she learned most about how those who struggle with so-called ‘mental illness’ are actually very in tuned with the world of Spirit, gifted with psychic abilities. She helps many navigate between the worlds of both the physical and the spiritual planes of existence, and how to navigate the mental health system that bounds many to an old system designed to keep people sick, in never-ending madness.

Sherri’s main message NOW is to move beyond the limitations of thought through imagining peace.

Special Guest: Gayle Waxon

For 25 years I had Epileptic seizures (Epilepsy) – Grand Mal seizures and Partial Complex seizures. October 2011 I had a brain surgery at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. They found that I had 6 growths in my front temporal on the left side of my brain and after they did in-depth testing, they also found that my hippocampus was over-reacting and so I passed the testing for them to do an innovative surgical technique also, with my hippocampus, that they learned from developers in Japan. It was called multiple hippocampal transection.
The brain surgery took over 11 hours, so I stayed in the hospital another week and then I was sent home for full recovery.

When I got home, I thought that I would just take one day at a time and let my brain do its healing. But, I actually felt like I was 19 years old again (that is when the seizures started) and then ….many many new challenges in my life started to unfold. I found that I had to learn how to read, how to talk and how to walk again. And that was the start of a new life.

I have included an article that University Hospitals wrote about my surgery.
Here is the link:

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Author: White Sage Woman

Tiffany White Sage Woman is Cosmic Heart Healing and Quantum Healing Facilitator, a Spiritual Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Run Valdr Healing and Holistic Health Facilitator. Tiffany is also an ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing and Goldylocks Productions. Tiffany produces Live Streamed Shows, Podcasts, and Events for those in the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Professions.

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