Today at 12 pm (Noon) ET, Suveria Mota is the Special Guest on the Live from Little Bear Sanctuary show with Christopher Vane. Watch and Participate in this Enlightening Live Stream Show!

Goldylocks Productions presents Live from Little Bear Sanctuary with Christopher Vane.

Today, Friday, 5 February 2021 at 12 pm ET.

Christopher Vane co-founded Little Bear Sanctuary, a nonprofit farm animal sanctuary in Punta Gorda, FL, in honor of his late mother Ursula (which translates to “little bear” in Latin). They shared a common passion for animals and Ursula often dreamed of providing neglected, once-abused animals a safe haven.

While originally from New York, Chris surprisingly started off with a career in human healthcare, eventually landing in Florida working as a real estate broker. When he met Randy, everything changed…for the better, that is! Their relationship sparked a new passion to live each day with purpose. After they got married, their desire to provide a better world for farm animals was greatly amplified. Together, Chris and Randy followed through on Ursula’s dream and established the Little Bear Sanctuary in 2017. Now, 160+ rescued farm animals call Little Bear Sanctuary home, and – thanks to Christopher’s compassion and dedication – each animal has been given an opportunity to experience love and freedom.

Little Bear Sanctuary provides a permanent home for farm animals that have been abandoned or can no longer be cared for by the owner in order to allow them to live out the remainder of their lives in a cruelty free environment. We are committed not only to a vegan lifestyle but the much needed education of pigs as pets. Our animals are never kept in cages or pens and are free to roam in their natural habitat.

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Special Guest: Suveria Mota

After making the switch to a plant based diet and adopting a vegan lifestyle, founder and creative director, Suveria Mota, immediately found her calling.

While in her closet purging out all her belongings that contained any materials not human-made or vegan, she very quickly realized that all her high-end footwear weren’t vegan at all. Right then her new life vision became clear.

Wanting to make the same sexy, modern, luxe, high end types of shoes that were in her shoe closet but entirely with human-made materials without compromising quality, style, and elegant packaging. This passion birthed our elegant, classy and stylish new shoe brand.

Suveria Mota, currently lives in Florida, with the loves of her life. Her husband and son.

All shoes are vegan: NO leather, silk, fur, feathers, sheepskin, shearling, or wool AND

No child labor.

Ethical Working Environment.

Artisans paid wages above industry standard.

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