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It is said that harmony was illegal. That’s the essence of the iconic, Gregorian chant.

Pope Gregory the first was compiling music in a time that had some presumptions about harmony and tri-tones and how all those sound waves related to God. Apparently, certain collisions of forced air produced either goodness …or evil. Who knew?

Some people in those days would’ve never approved of the harmony I was raised singing, in church. Finding the third and the fifth and singing along would be tantamount to sorcery or witchcraft in that world.

Centuries later, I sat in a Sunday School class and listened to someone tell me about the evils of rock-and-roll drums and guitars (two things I still love, by the way). Someone actually taught a class (I was forced to sit through, in high school) on something called “the masturbation beat.” If you’re rolling your eyes right now, so…

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Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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