Today at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT, Special Guest Panel: Anthony Rodriguez, Tracy Principi, and Steve Jacobson on The Living in Partnership with Spirit Radio Show with host Ingrid Turner.

Goldylocks Productions Presents the Living in Partnership with Spirit Show with Ingrid Turner. Today, Tuesday, 31 January 2017 at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT.

Ingrid Turner is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Diviner.  She connects with loved ones, spirit guides, spiritual energies, and the higher self to help her clients heal, connect with their authentic spiritual path, and live in their power.  She also runs coaching programs for individuals and groups, where she helps outside-the-box seekers connect with Spirit directly, and build their own spiritual structures.


Topic: The Role of Spirit in Addiction

Panel: Anthony Rodriguez, Tracy Principi, Steve Jacobson


a) Your journey through addiction

b) How spirituality helped you in recovery

c) How your addiction and recovery lends itself to your spirituality


Anthony Rodriguez


Anthony is a certified Energy Healing Practitioner in Los Angeles, CA, and specializes working with clients in recovery from addiction. He came to this work through a profound and transformational healing experience. In addition to his private practice, Anthony teaches workshops with an emphasis on the Chakras, educating people on how these power centers in our body relate to physical and emotional issues. He created “Men in Self Care” (MISC), a group for men to explore their fundamental truths in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Anthony is a musician as well as a healer, and melds his creative talent with his healing work using a 27-inch Pow Wow drum in his private practice, and during workshops and circles. He is implementing Journey Drum Meditations in studios and facilities in the greater Los Angeles area.


Tracy Principi 


Tracy is an Intuitive Success coach helping spiritual entrepreneurs struggling with limiting beliefs and mindset get clear on their souls purpose so they can finally get unstuck and start or grow a business that they are passionate about. Tracy uses several healing modalities as well as information that was channeled directly from Spirit to help clients clear Ancestral Karma from past lives. She has helped clients shift their energy in a very short period of time for amazing results! She has also seen amazing things happen by using these techniques in her own life.


Steve Jacobson 


Steve is a musician, recovery coach, writer, and animal advocate. He himself has been in recovery for 20 years and works with others on a regular basis. Steve channels his inner struggles and triumphs through lyrics and music and currently has 3 active metal bands which he finds extremely therapeutic. He also has solo music he works on as he attempts to start licensing his ambient, acoustic music for TV, film, commercials and video games. Steve has worked as a counselor and recovery coach and actively sponsors other men in 12 Step Programs.

He incorporates his working knowledge of the 12 steps into helping others and is currently writing a book on utilizing those steps for everyday problems and everyday people (addicts and non-addicts alike). Steve is also an animal lover and long time animal advocate. He worked for The A.N.N.A. Shelter for many years. He currently works with that animal rescue as a furry foster ‘parent’ and intervenes where necessary for the welfare of cats and dogs in Erie, PA where he currently resides with his girlfriend, dogs and cats.



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