September 17th, 3 to 5pm PT ~ Cacao Ceremony guided by Medicine Woman: Xochitl Ashe and Sacred Drum Healer: Anthony Rodriguez.

Please join Xochtil Ashe and Anthony Rodriguez in this beautiful and sacred event and fund raiser…
Their Cacao Ceremony is a sacred space where life changing powerful transformation occurs for all involved. This Cacao Ceremony is being held to deepen our connection to water for the benefit of ourselves and our community.  Water is a life force that sustains us, not only in our bodies but our spirits as it is what gives life to all beings on earth. When we don’t have a good relationship with the energy of water we experience lack, emotional overwhelm and numbness. We become disconnected to ourselves, each other, and mother earth.

 We will be joining our brothers and sisters who are camped out preventing the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline which if built threatens drinking water for many native and non-native peoples living in that area as well as the destruction of sacred sites. All profits will be given to Sacred Stone Camp which is a prayer camp entirely devoted to saving the land and the water. The funds are used for drinking water, propane, food and blankets.

Are you ready to connect with your source with a community of like-minded, spirit guided and heart connected family in ceremony?

As we heal ourselves, we create an opportunity to bring healing and resources to our brothers and sisters on the front line of this battleground to save our water, our land and many lives from the building of a pipeline.

If you are a YES with all your being and your heart is guiding you to your MASTERY to your TRUE self then come join us for a life transforming life- affirming experience.


Space is limited.

All tickets must be purchased online before the ceremony.
(We need to know how much Cacao to make.)

If you can not come and still want to donate you use this link:

Register here:

About Ceremonial Cacao:
The Cacao has been used for ceremonial purposes in ancient times by the Mayans and Incas. Much of the knowledge of how to use this medicine was lost with the Conquest and Westernization of these ancient cultures. Fortunately, there has been a resurrection and Medicine People are working with the Cacao as well as with other Medicines such as Ayahuasca, Peyote and Mushrooms. Cacao is a strong plant medicine that opens up the heart. Although it is not a hallucinogenic it is an important ancient tool for journeying and shamanic use, and on another level a major multidimensional partner in accelerated inner transformation and emotional release with greater ease and depth. Fifth generation medicine woman Xochitl Ashe and the Cacao medicine will bring you miraculous healing and insight.

*You will be provided with a special raw ceremonial grade cacao drink from Guatemala
*Access to a community of amazing people who share your same journey.

September 17th– from 3 to 5pm PT
Price $57
*Must bring Yoga Matt
*Water bottle
*Pillow to sit on the floor

***There are two spots for community that is in need of financial assistance. Work trade opportunity, please inquire via email:

Register here:

About Xochitl Ashe Facilitator:

Xochitl Ashe is the first female of five generations of men to be initiated into the healing traditions of her shamanic lineage at age 16.
She is a Medicine Woman, Visionary business and life purpose Coach, coaching couples and individuals to radically transform their relationship with themselves and from this place live an inspired life that they absolutely love. She combines modern cutting edge evolutionary modalities, Eastern traditions as well as the Earth Medicine of her Peruvian & Mexican lineage to bring about potent and lasting change. She has been facilitating Cacao ceremonies, women’s circles and guiding individuals and groups in workshops and one and one sessions. She has been teaching others the ways of ritual and ceremony in the U.S and internationally for the past 10 years.
Xochitl Ashe is an upcoming author through New World Library Publishing House and the Owner of Create Awake Coaching and Jewelry Line. Her life work is to support women and men in their personal and spiritual self-actualization and self-realization.


Cacao is all about blowing your heart wide open with love and gentleness, and Xochitl is all about realizing our creative power through 100% responsibility for our own lives. In the ceremony Xochitl takes participants right to the heart of whatever they’re working on individually in a way that mirrors the experience for everyone present. Indeed, Xochitl’s incisive style of teaching, combined with the magic of the cacao brings everyone powerfully present for each other in an intimate experience of fearless honesty, growth and support. I have worked with Xochitl individually as well and I have seen her to be just as fearless in her personal growth as in the journey she takes her workshop participants on. She has inspired me and pushed me to take on my own life and practice in new and powerful ways. If you’re ready to let go of whatever is stopping you and live your life to the fullest, I recommend participating in the cacao ceremony under Xochitl’s wide wing. She is truly a warrior angel for personal transformation.
Achaessa James
Healer and founder of the Wise Method


Through these Sacred Cacao ceremonies, I’ve learned to use Cacao as a heart opener with ancient rituals of ceremony. Xochitl and the medicine she carries of the true vibration of LOVE has aided and accelerated my growth while digging deep into my soul to see the truth in what does not serve me. I recommend this experience for all beings wanting to get in touch with their roots, release the “Old Story” of themselves, and truly understand their path of healing.
Crystal “Star” Orozco- Designer


This cacao ceremony was of extreme interest to the 2 of us, as we work with raw cacao quite often as raw food chefs. However, we were previously unaware of many of its medicinal qualities as well as history & use. The topic was *Igniting Your Inner Mastery with Cacao Medicine* . . . Xochitl and her 2 fellow medicine women friends that helped lead the circle were all effortlessly graceful, kind, & charismatic. Their knowledge was compelling and the wisdom they shared was ancient and sacred – you could hear the love in each of their voices as they spoke and explained certain aspects of the ceremony. When Xochitl took the floor to interact with the group, asking personal, one-on-one questions about their intentions, not only did this put members of the group on the spot, but she had to be absolutely present while channeling her wisdom. You could feel the energy intensify and the fire get a lil hotter & brighter 🙂 She is vivaciously compassionate, sharp & witty. Sincere tears and deep belly laughs were shared as we as individuals & as a group worked thru our muck. We all know that the answers and that truth is out there, sometimes staring us dead in the eye. Xochitl has an extraordinary gift of shepherding the light into any situation.

These types of gatherings are so crucial towards spiritual advancement and yet they are fundamentally rooted to our day-to-day life & have practical application. I am of the firm opinion that rights of passages are what, collectively, this planet is missing. It is “that thing” we are all craving and missing. Yet we don’t really know how or what to do, to get the “next phase”. And this is because we, culturally do not use ceremony to prepare, look forward to, or to understand where we are going or what we are moving on from! Several archetypes were present in this workshop and the select ones that were used for questioning in this ceremony, really exemplified human struggles & experiences. Community gatherings, where people socialize, share & bond – like this one – are essential to our planet’s awakening. I have the upmost gratitude & respect for Light Workers like Xochitl and her team for organizing and sharing their wisdom within their community. We can not heal the world’s problems individually, but we can work on ourselves and send ripples of health & healing into the future for a brighter tomorrow for all.
Jeanne Iridescent Oneil – Raw Food Chef and Performer


The Cacao Ceremony was so so POWER-FULL, I hope what I share can capture it. I really felt connected to Ixcacao the Cacao Goddess and learned of how to call upon her. Drinking the cacao opened up my senses and emotions and brought everything to the surface, many many things that were deep and suppressed. I felt the energy of all the sisters there and learned so much from what they were sharing in the circle. After the ceremony, I felt a shift and have been experiencing some things that I am still trying to understand. I felt like a flow of energy and ideas come my way. I felt and still do feel like vibrations on my skin, in my body. I feel so much power in what I can do. I am SO GRATEFUL.
I feel the ceremony assisted me in learning about RELEASE-baggage, fear, emotions I don’t need anymore. In moments during the ceremony, I feel I released and I still am. Xochitl taught me to not be afraid of my power, strength, and beauty, to not be afraid of my light. From her, I am learning to tap into my inner-child. I am SO SO THANKFUL.

Kimberly Mendoza


The cacao ceremony brought to the surface some things that I have known for a long time have been holding me back. The ceremony made me address these things/thought patterns and make a constructive plan to change them.

Working with Xochitl transformed me because she allowed me to see that transformation comes from within myself.
I would recommend this to anyone wanting to clear pathways to and to manifest their goals.

Charlotte Barnes- Interior Designer


I have worked closely with Xochitl for years as I have participated in her theme based women’s circles, cacao sessions, and also at an individual level with private coaching. She is hands-down the best. Any opportunity to work with Xochitl, at any level, will likely be an opening to a wonderful opportunity for growth and transformation.
For Xochitl, this has been a life-long journey which started at a very young age. Her mode combines what she has learned from the most well-respected practitioners in this area and more importantly, it is combined with her very strong inner voice. She is a pioneer in a new ways of healing emotionally, spiritually and physically. She also incorporates her strong intuition as well as ancient traditions—which is often an essential missing components to this work. In a matter of time, she will likely be a leader in the generation of spiritual leaders.
Since I have worked with Xochitl for over ten years, it is difficult to pinpoint just one area in which she has supported and guided my transformation! She has supported me in my journey of healing in the area of self-love, career, happiness, relationships with partners, friends and family, just to name a few. From our work, my growth, and development has been tremendous. My life took a turn for the much, much better the day I met Xochitl. I am confident that this is true of all the people with whom she has the opportunity to work with.

Marina Gonzales- College Counselor



I have worked with Xochitl for the last 2 years. We had an instant connection and her coaching immediately changed my entire universe. She has given me so many masterful teachings that have transformed my relationship with abundance, and my personal relationship with myself. Her ability to get to the root of issues and blocks and to help me create a new reality for myself has changed my life. She inspires me to be completely honest with myself about everything in my world. I wake up everyday wanting more of this life and eager to create. Thank you Xochitl.

Milena Worsham owner of


Working with Xochitl these last 10 weeks have been some of the most transformative and awakening processes I have ever undergone. I initially came to her because I was quite depressed after losing my job, feeling disappointed in a romantic relationship and a sense of general hopeless around really knowing how to use my gifts.

She has helped me to Identify, Define and Continue on MY divine purpose. I see how my past actions had been out of alignment with true self love. In discovering the roots of my disconnection, we began the process of radical self love and radical responsibility for all my choices. By stepping out of my ego and into my true power, the flow of my life has taken a new direction. Together we have dispelled myths of “not good enough,” “not worthy enough” and “not ready for greatness.” Since beginning our sessions 10 weeks ago, I have a new home, a new career focus on a path towards self employment, and have solidified a loving romantic relationship into real partnership.

Xochitl is a gifted healer and conduit in the transformation of the global lack of love. She creates a safe and sacred environment that challenges fear and insecurities and alchemizes them into measurable personal growth.

Erika Minkowsky – Yoga Teacher and Herbalist.


She is the most amazing woman that I have ever come to contact with. She is powerful. The work I have done with her has helped me grow so much and I am doing things I wanted to do for a long time and were at the back of my head and heart. I am actually doing them now.
“In the first session I had with Xochitl, I accomplished more in one hour, than
I had in years of therapy. I can not recommend her enough”

Ana Maria Delgado
Writer and Yoga instructor

Register here:

Anthony J. Rodriguez, EHP
Manos De Luz Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine, Men in Self-Care (MISC)
818.442.1717 direct

Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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