Spirit Channelings for the Week of September 5-11, 2016 by Charles Lovell aka ‘a krab.’

Spiritual Growth wings

Spirit Channelings for the Week of September 5-11, 2016

All Astrology Signs and Starseeds~

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of channelings by ~a krab~

This Week, we are so Blessed to be graced with a Sacred Spirit Animal channeling from a true Priestess of Light, Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman!! *wild applause* so without further ado, you have the floor Mrs. White!

What see you now?

Komodo Dragon

“The Power Animal that showed up is Komodo Dragon. Call on the Komodo Dragon to assist you with the ability to enter long dream states, that you will remember! Komodo Dragon represents warrior energy, speed and longevity. Being connected to earth’s lay lines, the Komodo Dragon knows how to use the Earth’s vibrations to assist in Healing the path between Earth and the Upper Cosmic Vibrations. Sit with Komodo Dragon and see, feel or sense a personal message for yourself.” ~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

Thank You So Much for imparting wisdom, my amazing Sister in Light, message received with Grace and much Gratitude!! tytyty!!! Perhaps you might return in the future to assist us with our sacred journeys of light, as well…one can only hope 😉 1000 ty’s!!!

Ok, and now, the Crystal of the week is…….



‘Turkish stone’, originally, one of the most ancient tools of mankind, for channeling Spirit, and many other uses as well. Wisdom, Power, Immortality, words all associated with this power Shamans tool, it is used for the connection to the ancients, your ancestors, and the wisdom thereof, that you may receive messages of enlightenment or guidance, with its aid. Protection, and this is why it were such a valued and prized possession of so many cultures, past and present, including Egyptian, and Native American, being hailed as sacred, and holy. It may be useful against writers block, unwise investments, headaches, depression, exhaustion, hysteria, asthma, and can be used for protection from accidents, happiness, good fortune, and is wonderful for assisting those who work with electronics, or media, in relaxation, and release. Hold one of these ancient and beautiful friends, that they may guide you closer to your heart, your ancient family, and the will of the Universe.


We, who owned the deed to wisdoms gate, we, who walked upon the firmament in innocence, and gratitude, we, the sacred guardians of the heart of Gaia, removed from our dwellings, our hearts, and our sacred lands, for a time, by the greed and avarice of souls tainted, ruled by the guardians of hatred, we… shall, once again, prevail. No man may remove from us that which is gifted by Creator, and it is time we bear the responsibility of our great loss, in knowing that there is no one to blame, save our selves. We had the Light of the Universe bestowed upon us, gifts of Spirit, peace, and abundance unto forever, and yet we found a way to war amongst one another, finding hatred in our hearts where once, only love did stand. We weakened ourselves, forgetting our sacred red road, for a time, creating dissension, separation, within, until Great Spirit would abide us no longer, and sent the armies that would destroy all that we held sacred, creating the karmic desolation that is lifting its heavy hands, at long last.

They did this to us, because we did this to ourselves. It is time to reconcile that the red road is no longer the path to Spirit, as the rainbow tribe unfolds from each and every corner of Gaia’s magnificence, that no one shall be left behind, save those who begat hatred and avarice, who shall be left to their own destiny’s unfolding…that no being of innocence, in Love, shall be left to suffer, or perish, in the Great Transformation unto the age of Peace. There shall be no more exclusion, no more hatred, no more warring amongst sacred brothers, as we stand unified, so tall, as the redwood tree, untouched by the hands and breath of men, unguided. There shall be no more weakness at the tethers of mankind, acceptance, abundance, sanctuary for all, in the ascended summerland of our making, by the dedication to Love, and Honor, now, and at last, restored in tenfold of what has ever been before, and that we shall remain strong, always, in our unity, respect, and reverence for life in all forms, great and small….that we shall never again be conquered, enslaved, defiled, dishonored, disgraced,…. and displaced.

…and so it is~



Well, my Dear friends, Mercury is officially RX and wreaking havoc, with many, as predicted, but try to remember, as the Ancient Goddess Kali appears, it is for good reason, as destruction always precedes new life, so toil not in denial, or remorse, but instead, embrace, accept, and know, that Creator always has your back, even when things appear less than perfect.

If you have been stagnated by something or someone, I sense some serious change possibilities right now, Mercury Retrograde is about going back to old things, including your very internal wiring, and so don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit, by refusing to accept refuse from the dumping grounds of others into your spiritual energy field. Just because other people wish to play games with themselves, or play stupid, whatever the case, stop accepting it today, for a brighter tomorrow.

Let those of contention have yours as well, that they may carry it as far from you, as East from West, ‘seek and ye shall find.’  All in all it seems a good week for releasing ideals and habits that no longer serve you, clean out your internal circuitry so that it better suits you when Mercury finds its way back to direct motion.

Let us now hear the whisperings upon the winds, that wisdom imparts gifts upon us all~


Aries: Miracles come, an answered prayer, Blessings abound, as you immerse in self care. Something you have held close to your heart, a deep matter, is finally seeing daylight, and is truly miraculous from your perspective, after pouring so much thought and prayers into it. Your higher self is imploring that you accept these wonderful things being afforded, as the Angels seem to continuously shower you with gifts and inspiration this week. Your life has been topsy turvy in recent week, and we finally see a slowing down of activities, as you immerse yourself in love of self, through downtime, recuperation, and alone-ness. You will simply slow down and enjoy reminiscing a bit, as you glide through a week that may be quite difficult on others, so don’t forget your compassion, when interacting with the world, but focus on self this week for the most part.

Taurus: The answers you seek may be found in your dreams, miraculous Love is what this shall bring. It is apparent that connection to your dreams shall herald the answers you are seeking, there they lie, just out of reach, lest you turn your intentions unto receiving them. Start a dream journal, write down whatever it is you recall, or even feel, as you awake each day, and you will see connectivity to these soar. Miracles may intervene this week, and you may be amazed at how well things are going, especially considering the Mercury Rx part, and yet as the week winds down, you may wish to retreat a bit, to focus your intentions. Mercury Rx is not about going forward, however, it is about viewing your recent activities and assessing how things may better be achieved when things do move forward again, as backing up to the last fork in your road, to choose again, if necessary, so take the time to review, and modify your plan for success accordingly, as you set intentions for prosperity down the road, not a time for action.

Gemini: Success lies in accepting self, take down dreams, now, from the shelf. Harsh, judgmental views may be blocking your progress, sacred twin, it would appear that you are being entirely too hard on yourself about something, and you need to release it in Love, for self acceptance once again. To despise oneself, is to destroy ones life, we all make mistakes, and you forgive those that do, easily and quickly, so why are you treating yourself differently? C’mon, you know the drill, apply it to yourself for once, let it go, and focus on your dreams once again. This may not be a time for charging forward, but instead, allow yourself to receive messages from your unconscious, as there are many valuable gifts and dreams, within, perhaps things long shelved, but perhaps the timing weren’t right, and there’s a chance that some of these may still have merit. Evaluate these, as they arise, and assess which may be worthy of pursuing once again, ‘there’s gold in them there hills…’

Cancer: Celebrate, and weep no more, Love is graced, success doth pour. We have been on quite a difficult path of late, Dearest Crab, no doubt, but at last, we see signs of daylight, and suddenly all is well again. Lift your glass high, to the success you have achieved, and allow your joy to assist you in manifesting wonderful things for the future as well. What you think shall become solid quite fast this week, so keep your thoughts in high vibration. Take some time to simply imagine wondrous and exquisite things, and they shall begin to appear on the horizon, in kind. Spiritual growth is not always an easy thing, Love, but the advantages and joy are far worth the struggles, down the road, so keep focused on ‘The Path’, even when temptation to stray appears, as the truth of all lies within the spirit realms, and will not be seen with eyes alone, …trust in your heart, and success shall continue.

Leo: To focus on that which is peaceful, serene, serves to invite the joy that it brings. Avert thine eyes of all discourse, as what you set your thoughts upon, shall materialize, in kind. Though this is a Mercury Rx phase, there is much available in the ways of manifesting, as the energies may be pliable, and easily manipulated at this time. To train your thoughts on that which lives in stillness, is to invite the inspirations and the joy that you have been finding elusive, of late, as your heart expands in kind, to receive the Love and serenity that you so diligently seek. A playful and harmonious vibration shall color your week as it winds down, leaving you to be fulfilled, and relaxed, for the weekend, and do not forget that you playfulness is infectious, Dear One, so don’t hold back, share the joy., as this shall simply perpetuate so much more of the same.

Virgo: Stillness, peace, invite your dreams, yes, its true, it is all that it seems. A lovely spread for you this week, Virgo, it would appear that your serene and peaceful outlook is inviting prosperity into your world at every turn. As the veils of uncertainty are being lifted, due to your recent immersion in solitude, gifts and blessings of this world appear, as if by magic, whether they be of material or spiritual nature, as you bound down the road of happiness, isn’t that refreshing? As the week winds on you will need to pay close attention to your dreams, as they are inviting your interaction with them, that they may impart great wisdom, and long sought answers unto your spirit ears and eyes, leading you to even greater understanding, and may point the way to your next endeavor. Work at retaining your dreams, by keeping a dream journal, this creates connection rather swiftly.

Libra: Follow your dreams in truth, and the Light, and your Angels shall once again, set your path right. Perhaps temptation has reared its head, and led you astray in some way that is making things quite difficult on you, Dear Peacekeeper. This shall be easily remedied as we simply release it once again, gifted to Divine, for reprocessing. Keep your integrity levels high, walk the road of Honor, and your Guardian Angel shall soon intervene, and set your path right again. Mercury Rx means waiting patiently, but there is no reason you cannot set intentions to manifest, and reviewing your recent progress, and pitfalls, to better determine how to proceed again, in a couple of short weeks. As the bow shall be pulled backwards, it is only to effect the forward progress of the arrow, that is coming soon enough, remember that this is no time to hurry, quite the contrary, letsss gooo innn slowww motionnn insteadddd…. 😉

Scorpio: Divinely guided, tears may end, healing, your soulmate shall defend. You must find a way to tap into upper vibrations at this time, Dearest Winged One, (yes, if you are reading this, than your spirit totem is the eagle, not the scorpion) as The Angels have your way to happiness mapped out, if you are silent and still enough to receive this sacred knowingness. Your soulmate has your back in this, always pushing you in the right direction, and between both of these, healing shall ensue. Who is to say what is right and wrong, it is your life? You know the way, no one else, yet you have influences of the wise all around you, so be not obstinate in receiving guidance from those who have your best interests at heart, however, be advised that this is not everyone, so stick to your most trusted friends and family, and release your naysayers. You are surrounded by Love, and you are safe, so simply pull back and give the Universe time to soothe the hurts and erase the tears of the recent past, that your spiritual equilibrium may be restored. All is well.

Sagittarius: Gifts of gold and jewels may reign, enchanting miracles these may feign. Such a wonderful spread this week Sacred Horse, it would appear that Mercury Rx is not spoiling your plans this week, lucky as you always are. The amazing prosperity in your life shall have you enchanted with even the tiniest things, as you see the simple, the true, and the pure, within the matrix of illusion. Your vision soars, your activities breed fruitfulness, and your high vibration shall lead to miraculous Blessings falling at your feet, perhaps even some long cherished and yet forlorn vision, may actually unfold, something you have long given up, returning suddenly, to be honored and appreciated, in perfect and Divine Universal timing. Serendipity and purpose shall be seen in the light of your heightened understanding, so be sure and capitalize on the opportunities afforded this week, which are, indeed, many. Enjoy the ease, and share the joy, as many others shall find it quite challenging, so be available to these, if they appear, to assist, as prosperity shared, is prosperity’s perpetuation.

Capricorn: Abundance is yours, spend if you must, find balance in music, existing in trust. Prosperity is showing itself unto you in the most amazing ways at this time, Dear Mer-creature, as blessings seem to be amassing and emptying out unto your world in many sacred and wonderful cups. Be sure and share the wealth, as even the most practical amongst us must subscribe to the esoteric concept of fluidity in gifting, lest your stream of miracles should come to an abrupt end. Immersion in music is the key, once again, to your spiritual escalation, this has been coming up a lot as of late, and so be sure to find the key to this recurring guidance, as it should be obvious, when discovered, but the Universe is definitely drawing your attention to something musical here, whether it is a project you are considering, or simply fulfilling a need for expression. There may be something here you are overlooking, here, so ponder this in meditation, for answers. Trust in those around you, this is essential to your success, progress can be vast, in returning to all things back-burnered, or unfinished, so honor your commitments and catch-up anything neglected, that the way may be clear, when Mercury turns direct once again.

Aquarius: Guidance received, may bring elation, leading to quite the celebration. You are asked to relinquish your understanding of the way things appear, and listen to Angelic whispers of wisdom being afforded you at this time. It is not a time of action, and so thus, turn within, and listen with your heart, in upper vibration, as there is much to be unearthed, and learned, in releasing your attachment to the chattering mind. Simply focus on your breathing, the energetic heartbeat of the Universe, and the way shall be shown in no uncertain terms. The later part of the week finds you celebrating your success, just in time for the weekend, so let down your hair, and simply engage in some good old fashioned socializing. The majesty and beauty of each and every soul can be seen, within the spiral dance of Loves expression, through musical, joyous immersion, allow your senses to intertwine, in oneness, and be restored in ways you have long only imagined. The oyster belongs to you, now then, shall we open it? Let us see what lies within…

Pisces: Accepting self is paramount, in light of truth, each word doth count. Are you chastising yourself needlessly, yet again, my beautiful fishy friend? You are unique, Dear One, do not let the judgement of this world affect you, as they do not apply to you any more than the judgement of birds, in the trees, who do not understand the ways of acquiescence, and fluidity, and yet would seek to prey upon you, in a moment. Stand in the Light of your integrity, and truth, and simply duck, as they attempt to hurl the rocks of discourse into your way, you are a very evolved soul, so let not the chattering of spiritual children to affect your inner light, and self appreciation, as it is all vanity and fear based anyway, they know not what they do. Lean into your Divine Guidance for answers, as the week progresses, as there will be quite an opening up of energies cascading unto the earth, so open up your sacred feelers to receive this amazing wisdom, and simply swimmy swimmy swim away from those who do not understand or appreciate your amazing eloquence, and beauty, and towards those who shall. You’ve got this~


And so, for a Mercury Rx week, things, overall, seem quite splendid, for most, in spite of this. There is a recurring theme of retreating into isolation, later in the week, to receive Divine knowledge, and guidance, which seems quite normal for this transit, and yet also a theme of celebration, as many, apparently, need to kick up their heels for a little stress release, and social immersion, so a kind of paradox exists here, in that some will need isolation, and others socializing, to bring back balance, unto all. Perhaps you may find yourself at a party, alone, simply observing things, or simply celebrating alone, with only Spirit for a guest, but these Eclipse energies seem to evoke a certain dreamlike euphoria to everything, so simply ground yourself repeatedly, and tune into these vibrations, as the veil is quite thin, it would appear, and the answers you seek are within grasp. With Halloween still quite a ways away, these may be some very mystical times just ahead, and i sincerely doubt that things will go as planned, by anyone, so stay in the now, as we ponder our future steps, in the light of this Mercury sponsored downtime. Inspirations shall emerge, which will colour our journey, with joy and wisdom, when employed in the Mercury Direct, and this will be along soon enough, so enjoy the downtime while you have it.

Have a Miraculous and Abundant week, My Beautiful Army of Peace~

In Love, Always, ~a krab~

शान्ति Salam Bakea 和平 Shanti Mir Vrede Мир Paix Frieden ειρήνη Pace Heiwa Friðr Amani Tangnefedd שלום Pas Pasch Síocháin สันติภาพ Peace~

Charles Lovell Holistic Healing Practitioner (RMT), Spiritual Teacher, Artist, Creature of the Sea~

Sanctuary of Majical Winds~ www.facebook.com/Majickalwinds

Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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