Numerology for Tuesday, 29 March 2016 by Jane Alton


Numerology for 29/March/2016

Waste no energy or time comparing yourself with others and feeling that you don’t measure up or that you are not good enough. Get on with the job in hand, focusing on doing rather than observing and planning. Listen to your inner voice as well as all that is being said around you and try to ensure the words don’t pour out of you. It is your intention and the actions resulting from this that matter.

~ Jane Alton

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Nettle leaves, quercetin, Bitter orange fruit and bromelain.

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~ Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

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Energy Forecast for March 28 to April 4, 2016

Revelations Oracle Cards

Energy Forecast for March 28 to April 4, 2016

By Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman

Channeled Messages via Revelations Oracle Cards by Paul Miller


Read the Message for your Birth Month



Affirm: I am Receiving

All transformative and creational thought is upon you. Remember that the Universe loves and supports you at all times and it’s only a matter of space and time for the things that you have asked for to be brought to you. Illumination and a birth of new ideas and infinite possibilities are on the horizon. This week, all the stars in the world conspire to bring you your deepest hearts desire.



Affirm: I am a Divine Being of Higher Consciousness

Your Guides and Master Teachers have heard your concerns and are delivering these concerns to the High Counsel, where they will decide the best course of action. These complex manifestations, ideas and thoughts that you have brought to them are being diligently worked through with the intention to serve humanity’s best interests. The counsel may take a couple of days or a week to get back with you. They are clearing your channels, creating space. They are downloading bits and pieces of information into your DNA. When the moment is right, you will deliver your manifestation to the world.  



Affirm: I am Growing and Expanding

The seven tree spirits, the wisest of all the Earth spirits, can be called upon to bring strength, balance and flexibility into your life. When you are feeling scattered and moving in too many directions, the Tree People will always give you grounded, balanced and practical information and guidance. If you feel like you have strayed from your life’s path, ask them to sing to you. This will help bring you back into alignment with your true self.



Affirm: I am Grounded, I am Balanced  

Earth is equally balanced in all directions and connections with all the seasons in a single year. Are you being practical enough? Are you grounded and allowing time for change to occur? Patience is your greatest attribute while you stick to long term goals. Dig your feet into the ground and stay awhile. Sometimes it takes getting yourself into trenches and doing the hard work in order to birth a new you.



Affirm: I am Listening

Message via your Spirit Guides: “I have been watching you for some time now. At this time in your life, you have called upon me. I have always been here and you are never alone. I am here to guide you through all that you do. Hear my gentle whispers in the wind and feel them resonate throughout your soul. I will keep you safe from harm and protect you. I am here to answer your questions about life, love and Universal consciousness. All you have to do is ask, then listen.”



Affirm: I am Flexible

Always flexible and understanding, wood people have lots of ambition and a zest for life. People see you as a natural leader, encompassing large amounts of energy and drive. Train yourself this season to draw back in order to grow and spring forth with a sense of renewal and purpose. Then, when the timing is right, you will choose to break new ground, creating a path with the promise of achievement.



Affirm: I am Trusting

You are seeking your voice in the world and feeling that there is something inside you that needs to be said or expressed. You may soon find that the truth is about to come forward. Holding back from speaking how you feel or yelling constantly will only cause you physical problems. Pay attention to your tone. Sing your own song for this is the way to express who you truly are and come into your own power.



Affirm: I am Angelic

Message via Angels: “We guided you from heaven to earth. We were there for your birth. The Divine surrounds you at all times. Call in us in your time of need for we can give you strength. We can also give you freedom. We will always surround you with love. Your prayers are always answered, even if it does not seem so at the time. We send you earthly angels to guide you into new existences, and perform miracles every day. We come as strangers, giving you a simple word of wisdom, simply listen. We are aware of the Divine order of the Universe and always deliver to you exactly what you need when the timing is right.”



Affirm: I am Happy

Buddha reminds you to use a compassionate hand with the people around you. A compassionate hand is giving, comforting and soothing. You do not need to fear being gentle and soft, be flexible and relax. This is the time for yoga and meditation. Endeavor to do nothing and simply believe. Be mindful of everything you do when you give of yourself either emotionally, physically or spiritually. Engage in spontaneously random acts of kindness. Be larger than life and know that all the joy and abundance in the world is coming your way.



Affirm: I am Wise  

The Huntress is most wise and shrewd, raw in nature and fearless in heart. She is here to help you seek out that which is missing in our life. She reminds you to be aware of your sense of sounds, tastes and smells. She sees for others when they cannot see for themselves. You may be sought out for your wisdom in all matters of life. This is a reminder to not take any more than what belongs to you. The Huntress also represents releasing and letting go of the past. Stay true in your essence of who you are, by being bold, fearless and powerful.



Affirm: I am Magical  

Magic is the essence of creation. You possess many magical gifts and miracle that you can bestow upon others and the world. Now is a time to conjure and be alone in contemplative thought. You have something special hidden in you. This is something that no one else in the world has or can obtain for themselves. Play with the elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Now is the time for casting and for building altars for your future magical endeavors. Keep your intentions as pure as gold for they are everything that brings light from one world to the next.



Affirm: I am Wealthy

A Lion representing the astrological sign of Leo appears. The Leo personality likes beautiful things of grandeur around them at all times. They love to live a lavish life. Strong and loving, they have a warmth to them that no other astrology sign possesses. Always watching out for the people around them, Leo is the person you want on your side. However, avoid falling into self-destructive patterns with substances and emotional/physical abuse. Learn to curb your pride and communicate your feelings more effectively. Be more flexible in life. Although you are a leader and know where you are going, sometimes it can be healthy to let your partner or friends take the reins while you enjoy the moment and simply follow.   


Numerology for Saturday, 26 March 2016 by Jane Alton


Numerology for 26/March/2016

You like to stand back and quietly view a situation, chewing over what might be wrong and coming up with insightful, helpful solutions. For you, simplicity is the key and it may be crystal clear to you what is standing in the way of progress. Your challenge is that you are always one step ahead of everyone else and not everyone is ready for what you have to say. A fear of rejection or failure may stop you from taking action, but your heart is always open to those with whom you share a special rapport and friends such as these, are friends for life. Try not to put too much time and energy into observing and planning, not everyone will understand your words, but everyone will understand your intentions.

~ Jane Alton

Numerology for Thursday, 24 March 2016 by Jane Alton


Numerology for 24/March/2016

You may be trying to achieve harmony while all around you is changing and on the inside your heart may be in conflict with your head. You may feel impatient but try to still see the beauty – find time to step away from the drama and go into the quiet, you may find you connect to the most amazing wisdom. Beware of making snap decisions while focusing on the planning and not taking the action, everything can seem so simple at the planning stage. Handle small matters with care and patience and try not to be too direct in your dealings with others. Stay in touch with your feelings, acknowledge how sensitive you are and have compassion for others. Find the harmony within and it will surround you.

~ Jane Alton

Numerology for Tuesday, 22 March 2016 by Jane Alton


Numerology for 22/March/2016

There may be a lot of emotion today and you may have to go with the flow more than you had planned.
Keep things practical and light, try to move more slowly and have patience. You may have to focus on the essentials of what you want to achieve, but accept change and responsibility. Focus on finding the harmony within, perhaps acknowledging you are doing all that you can and that is fine. Find harmony within and this will surround you.

~ Jane Alton

Toward Better Birth by Midwifery Today

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From the inception of Midwifery Today, we have been interested in covering international issues. Babies are born all over the world, and we at Midwifery Today are interested in helping all of them to be born into loving hands—of midwives, doctors, moms and dads. The keywords here are loving hands!

I like that Jeannine Parvati Baker coined the phrase “Peace on Earth begins with birth.” It isn’t just peace on earth but peace within each one of us. And as we are now learning, it begins at conception or before. There is great new information out on the microbiome, epigenetics and communication with your unborn baby.

As imperialism spread throughout the world, bad birth practices were disseminated. Lithotomy position for delivery, episiotomies and disrespect for motherbaby became the norm in cultures where these practices had been unheard of. I started the magazine International Midwife, which is now incorporated into Midwifery Today, to try to give back some of what Western medicine had stolen from indigenous birth practices. With conferences and information exchanges happening on so many levels now, we are actively trying to understand what is best for motherbaby the world over. We can do this hand in hand across the globe as we work together to help make gentle birth available to every mother, baby and family.

Once a quarter we ask our country contacts about a birth-related topic. Read below!

~ Jan Tritten, mother of Midwifery Today

Jan Tritten is the founder, editor-in-chief and mother of Midwifery Today magazine. She became a midwife in 1977 after the amazing homebirth of her second daughter. Her mission is to make loving midwifery care the norm for birthing women and their babies throughout the world. Meet Jan at our conferences around the world, or join her online, as she works to transform birth practices around the world.

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Kangaroo Care

Prematurity and Kangaroo Care during a Disaster

After Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda slammed into our central islands here in the Philippines last November, I saw a picture in the local paper of several newborn premature babies all wrapped in plastic bags and set on a counter in a broken-down chapel of a hospital. I knew in that instant that if only we could get down there to provide, and teach others to provide, good midwifery care, including the very simple and totally free concept of “kangaroo care” for the preemies, we could save many lives.

For many years, I have been teaching Disaster Preparedness and Response, which is no surprise since I live in a country with the most natural disasters of almost any…country. (The Philippines regularly is in the top three countries each year with the most natural disasters and the most deaths from natural disasters.) We have earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, mudslides, typhoons and super typhoons, and we have very little ability as a country to cope with, or mitigate, large-scale disasters, which was the case when the largest storm to ever make landfall occurred on November 8, 2013.

There are two things we know about disasters:

  1. Disasters tend to cause premature labors, due to the stress they put on pregnant women in the vicinity when the disaster strikes. This unfortunately creates a situation where premature births are happening under the worst of circumstances—during a typhoon, flood, blizzard, earthquake or an act of terrorism.
  2. Access to hospitals, NICUs and advanced medical care is often severely blocked, limited or totally destroyed in a natural or man-made disaster zone.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are a few simple, easy solutions to this problem. It will require midwives all over the world, including in the US, to be prepared to address the problem of premature deliveries following any disaster.

Current best practice for prematurity, to prevent mortality and morbidity, dictates two things:

  1. We should try to prevent a baby being born with immature, under-developed lungs.
  2. We should care for any babies that are born premature with kangaroo care.

With regard to the first practice, at the recent Women Deliver Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we learned about new protocols for the use of antenatal corticosteroids for threatened preterm birth. USAID is advocating that all midwives and doctors use these corticosteroids if premature delivery seems inevitable, as they cause a premature infant’s lungs to produce surfactant, thereby helping to prevent death from respiratory distress caused by immature lungs.

~ Vicki Penwell
Excerpted from “Prematurity and Kangaroo Care during a Disaster,” Midwifery Today, Issue 111
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