“What, No Monkeys?” A lesson in parallel realities

Jonette Crowley, Center for Creative Consciousness

White Eagle often channeled that we have so many realities all on Earth at the same time—so different that we might as well be on different planets. He pointed out that a poor, welfare, drug addicted mother and Bill Gates share the same Earth—but their realities couldn’t be more opposite.


As I sat in our serene treehouse room overlooking the jungle, I remembered this story from the last time I was in Indonesia.


Many years ago I was teaching Enlightened Leadership to an international oil company with operations in Sumatra, Indonesia. I was especially enthralled by the troops of monkeys that would swing through the trees then bounce noisily on the tin roof of our bungalow. I explained to one of the locals how delightful it was for us to watch the monkeys cavort, especially since we don’t have monkeys in the United States.

He was totally perplexed.”What? No monkeys?”

baby monkey

It’s a gentle…

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Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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